Best Painting Tips from Around the Web

You can never have too much help when it comes to getting a good paint finish so I’ve compiled a list of all my best painting tips as well as some other great painting tip articles from around the web.  Yes, you are welcome!

More painting tips than you know what to do with!

 12 of my own painting tips and tricks

  1. My favorite paint for furniture and cabinets
  2. Proper paintbrush care
  3. Elevate your workpiece
  4. Using a paint mixer to properly mix your paint
  5. Keep paint on your project not on your hands
  6. How to remove dried paint drips and lines
  7. The 411 on paint sprayers
  8. How to paint MDF and get smooth edges
  9. How to paint Beadboard
  10. How to prep a new paint roller
  11. 5 easy painting tips
  12. White wood filler for holes in painted surfaces



15 great painting tips from around the web

  1. Everything I know about Spray Paint by All Things Thrifty
  2. The Ultimate Painting Cheat Sheet by Pepper Design Blog
  3. 10 awesome tips for choosing the right paint color by My Blessed Life
  4. Trim Painting Tips by The Family Handyman
  5. 15 Favorite painting tips, tools and paint by Pretty Handy Girl
  6. How to Paint Furniture by Just a Girl
  7. DIY Chalkboard paint tutorial by DIY ShowOff
  8. 20 Must know painting tips and tricks by Songbird
  9. 10 painting tips and tricks you never knew by Live Love DIY
  10. Painting Tips for All Experience Levels by A Little Tipsy
  11. How to paint kitchen cabinets by All Things Thrifty
  12. Tips for taping window panes by Shabby Creek Cottage
  13. How to paint around a toilet by House of Hepworths
  14. Paint, Paint, Paint and more Paint by Centsationonal Girl
  15. 7 tips to get good spray painting results by Songbird


I think I spend at least an hour a day answering email questions and when I get the same questions repeatedly … well who has an hour a day to spend answering the same questions over and over?  In an effort to “try something more effective”, I’ve put all my Painting Tips and Tricks are on this handy gallery page that I created  to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Hope this helps!

Do you have a great painting tip that you didn’t see here?


  1. I am thinking to paint my kids room. Brilliant ideas you compiled here. Thanks for such a great post.

  2. CentsationalGirl says:

    Wow delighted to see my little organization project featured! Thanks so much Sandra!!

  3. Thanks so very much for this wonderful resource of painting tips. I have not only pinned this blogpost, but know I will refer to the great information often.

  4. Thanks Sandra! this is going straight to my how-to folder–an all in one! And I love how you did a few posts recently (like the fall decor one) about decor. You are such a sawdust girl that seeing your design side and interest in that was a nice treat :) And sorry but I think I need to email you a question about our stringer to our stairs. We can’t do a thing to our walls until we get that figured out—it will be on it’s way with pics to help in explaining.