Little paint sprayer that packs a punch

Small paint sprayer that packs a punch

I get asked about paint sprayers-- a lot!  I've written a post about paint sprayers including the large capacity airless sprayer I purchased to paint my library wainscoting.  I love the finish I get with my sprayer but it's a large capacity sprayer with a long hose and is not a great choice for smal Continue Reading

How to remove nails – the easy way

Sawdust Girl Tip: nail pulling pliers

How to remove nails - the easy way I've pulled my share of nails in my life.  I've pulled nails out of trim moulding that I've removed and wanted to reuse.  I've pulled them out of subfloors after ripping out the flooring.  Popped nails, broken nails, miss nails, fail nails... No matter the reason Continue Reading

Molding Profile Contour Gauge


  My mother always said to share!  So since I found this awesome tool a few years ago I figured I better share it with you.  OK I'm not really going to loan it out to all of you, I'm just telling you about it so you can go get one!, Molding Profile Contour Gauge.   If you ha Continue Reading

Modify your Kreg Jig for easier use

Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Jig modification (1 of 1)

Hi My name is Ayisha and I'm a  Sawdust Girl in training. I'm visiting from The Pursuit of Handyness today to share a quick way to modify your Kreg Jig for easier use.  I have the Kreg Jig K3 Master system. I love it to pieces and it's really easy to use. With this model, you have to slide the d Continue Reading

Pocket hole jig – tool tip


There are lots of different ways to join wood.  I frequently use a pocket hole jig on hidden joints.  It's quick and easy and I don't have to use clamps or wait for glue to dry before I can move on to another part of my build.   When drilling your pocket holes,  sawdust quickly ac Continue Reading

Protect your fingers -use a drive guide with retractible sleeve

bit sleeve

A good drill/driver is probably the most utilized tool in any workshop.  It certainly is in mine.  But there's a handy gadget that I couple with my drill/driver that I would NOT want to be without; a drive guide with a retractible sleeve.  This holds the screw in place and protects my fingers while I Continue Reading

Workshop Organization Ideas


  Continue Reading

Extension cord safety

examine extension cords

I talk about safety -- a lot:  wear your safety glasses, protect your lungs and ears, don't cut yourself!  Well here's another little lesson in safety, one that is often overlooked.  This news it's electrifying!  Literally!  I made a little discovery in my workshop that opens up a whole new disc Continue Reading

How to get your tools Back – check out log

household check out log

There are about a million different kinds of tools out there and the right tool for the job can make all the difference.  Most of us can't afford to buy every tool, so I try to barrow tools I don't own  from friends and neighbors.  Especially if it's a tool I'm just going to need one time.  But I see Continue Reading

Extend the life of sandpaper with an abrasive cleaning stick

Abrasive cleaning stick extends life of sandpaper

Did you know that you can extend the life of your sandpaper and abrasives with a cleaning stick?  Yep! You know when you're sanding and your sandpaper gets all gunked up and stops being effective because sawdust is embedded in all the spaces in around and between the abrasive grit?  Yeah, you   Continue Reading

How to use a Miter Saw

how to use a miter saw

 My mother always told me, "Never say never"  but that does not apply when using power tools.   There are a few "never" and "always" rules to follow when using a miter saw. NEVER: Never cross your hands, arms or any other body part over the path of the saw blade. Never start t Continue Reading

when, why and how to use a Nail Set

sink stubborn nails with a nail set

I love my nail guns but SOMETIMES, they don't quite get the job done and you're left with a nail head protruding slightly beyond the surface and you have to resort to an old school hammer to sink that nail.  Now you don't want to just go hammering away at the nail and ding up your trim, grab a "nail Continue Reading