How to Trick your eye into thinking your window is centered.

I know you want to see the closet with clothes in it…does this count?  Patience…all in due time.

 At least I got the curtains up finally.  Kind of.  (I’m realizing that I need double wide panels because the gap in the panels needs to be centered with the chandelier but I can’t pull the right panel over any more or it will expose the window and you’ll realize it’s off center which defeats the whole purpose!

My eyes are so much happier thinking the window is centered.


This just makes them hurt!

I got the curtain rod up and I’m trying out ONE of the two choices for drapes.  I love the thickness of the curtain rod, though I panicked this weekend when I first saw how HUGE it was.  Thanks Facebook friends!  It is AWESOME to have you to run to, at any moment, to get your opinion and advice.  Just awesome!!!

Anyway, the other set of panels is Cream Dupioni Silk, very heavy and luxurious.  I love them in my hands but I’m not sure…we’ll see.

I’m not going to play around with the drapes any more until I get the ironing board installed because it’s going to be messy!  I wanted to install the curtain rod and hang the curtains to see if I had enough clearance before I went to the trouble…and I do…so I will.  It’s just more work!  No biggie.

At least now I know for sure that I like the curtain idea that I needed to hide the cabinet that I wasn’t sure I would put in unless the curtain idea was likeable!

I was dead set on returning that chair in favor of a round ottoman but now that I’m looking at it in this picture…my resolve is waining.  Oh well, that’s a decision for another day.

Where did I get that?

Chair:  TJMaxx for $160

Curtains, curtain rod and rings are from

Grey Curtains:  Solid Faux Silk Taffeta Platinum 108-inch Curtain Panel

Curtain Rod:  Bishop/ Beaded Ball Single 50 to 96-inch Adjustable Curtain Rod Set

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  1. Is it just me or are the links all wonky, taking me to nonexistent sites? I will just go to and find it the old-fashioned way! :)

  2. What a difference! That was a great idea!

  3. Love it! “Centering” the window makes all the difference.
    You may also want to consider something like bamboo shades hung higher, to create another illusion that the window is taller. I think that would finish off your look perfectly.

    And fyi, if you are still considering an ottoman, One Kings Lane has an ottoman sale today.

  4. I love your curtain choice and think you did a great job on “tricking” the eye!

  5. What about hanging a sheer in the middle between the two panels? Then it might seem even less obvious that the window is off center if you evened out the panels on each end of the rod without being so heavy as to block out all of the natural light. Just a thought.

  6. You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I love the chair, but an ottoman will look good too.

  7. I was just impressed that you tricked my eye! If I ever have this problem … I now know what to do :)


  8. I absolutely love that chair!

  9. I am absolutely in lust with both the chair and curtains. If you put the cream pair up, I’d love to see how that looks also. Since the grey chair and curtains are so similar in color, maybe the contrast with the cream curtains would be a good option.

  10. The chair is pretty, but with the curtain-centering-trick covering so much of the window my vote is for the round ottoman. I liked the point Fong made about an ottoman being more mobile. Also, more people can sit on an ottoman and clothes can be laid out on it (maybe a bad thing if you’re me).
    Great job on the closet!!

  11. Why not use both sets of curtains? Put the grey on the outside and the white on the inside and a bit more bunched together. I think that’d look good. :)

    Either way, the look great and definitely do the trick to make the window look centered. Always a predicament! ;)

  12. Jean @ Flower Hill says:

    I used this trick in an old bedroom to help center the bed on the wall. Love how it looks here. And the chair is amazing! Works so well here!

  13. Ah yes, the old window centering curtains illusion. Other handy variations are floor to ceiling blinds for taller window illusion or pretend there’s a window where there isn’t one illusion. All great design tricks.

    My vote is for an ottoman. It’s always seemed more traditional in a closet space and can be moved around without looking awkward when not against a wall.

  14. Love your closet- may I move in, please? Keep the chair, it’s gorgeous and the color is perfect! How about using both curtain sets on the window instead of one color?

  15. I love the illusion that it’s centered. And what a gorgeous chair!

  16. gorgeous! I love the chair. I’d keep it. Curtains sure do a great ‘trick’ on the window.

  17. Ah hah! I see the cabinet that you were painting the other day. That’s your ironing board cabinet isn’t it?

  18. The chair IS gorgeous, but I think a plush, round ottoman would be really cool. Now I am off to wander my house to find off-centered windows to cover.

  19. It looks awesome. But just one question. Where is my sleeping bag?

  20. Beautiful. Do you have enough room for your clothes? LOL Love the curtains and the chair! Your closet looks like a boutique that I would love to go shopping in! Cheers.

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