Master Closet Built Ins

white built-in master closet

I’ve been building these built-in wardrobes for my Master Closet for four months so I can’t even express how happy I am to finally say, “IT IS FINISHED!”  It is amazing to have so much space to hang and store our clothes.  I’m so happy that I stuck it out — even though I wanted to throw in the towel a few times.

The large drawers are practically big enough to climb in and have 100 lb. glides that are soft/self closing (for the person in this house that never manages to get drawers fully closed!  u-hem, u-hem)

white built-in master closet

The door you can see is to the laundry room and behind the camera is the Master Bathroom that will be getting redone sometime.  That project will include tearing a portion of the closet/bathroom wall out so I haven’t built my 9′x6′ shoe cabinet yet.

white built-in master closet

Then, of course, there’s the matter of the built-in ironing board that is going in next to that off-center window and the rolling ladder… so the closet is only mostly done!

(Who just thought of Princess Bride, “…he’s only MOSTLY dead”?  I did!)

But it’s usable!

white built-in master closet

white built-in master closet

It’s leaps and bounds better than it was when we moved in.

master closet makeover

And we are going to enjoy it!!!

white built-in master closet

In case you missed my progress updates along the way, here’s a short recap of my project AND my celebratory happy dance!

A HUGE thank you to Wes for his help this weekend.  I was ready to toss in a match last week and he pulled some “enthusiasm for using a drill” out of nowhere and came through for me!

It’s been a long, hard journey and now that it’s (mostly) done, I can say it was worth it!   Now, we can move in and enjoy the holidays –and hopefully my next project won’t be QUITE so involved or time consuming.  Here’s hoping!


*Have a question about my closet? Plans, materials, Lights, progress, tips…? Feel free to peruse the “Work In Progress” posts of the entire Master Closet.

**Be sure to check out the closet with the plank wall too.


See the Closet Design files and process here.

*Get the PDF files for this closet here:

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  1. How did you attach the non-permanent shelves?

  2. Hello Sandra,
    what an amazing job you did, I’m sure you are so proud. of yourefforts. I too am a new bee and I’m about a year away from starting a few simular projects. Can I get some direction from you.

    • I’m not taking new clients right now but email me as you get closer to your projects for more detials.

  3. Hi, I loved your closets, we’ll okay just loved everything you did to entire house. I was wondering if there was a reason as to why you used 2 different materials on your closet. Is one better as far as shelving and drawers. I am wanting to build something similar but with a deep cherry finish or mahogany. Any suggestions would be appreciated on best wood or composite type(I think that’s what I’m thinking of). Thank you in advance

  4. Wow, you are beautiful and talented! Love the ending of your video with the whole family. I am working on smaller projects now, but I will without a doubt attempt this at some point. You are definitely my inspiration!

  5. Yvonne @ Dress This Nest says:

    I LOVE your “making of” video! So much fun. I also love your closet and am looking forward to reading through all of your how-to entries about how you made this happen. Thanks for sharing!

  6. jyothianil says:

    Great job. Your closets are awesome. I am a new bee. Can you please advice on the material you used.

    White closets:
    Did you buy the regular plywood and user primer and white. Can you please advice on the wood and the paint to bring the white finish. How did you do the wide border between the top and second closet. Is that the plywood piece.

    Wood closets:
    Can you advice on what material and the stain we should use to make wooden color closets. Do we need to stain them or do we get stained sheets in homedepot.

  7. Best. vid. ever. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Christian says:

    We are building a house and of course over budget. So we are trying to copy your walk in closet, which I love by the way! Was wondering if you used furniture paint or just regular wall paint? Also do you remember what color of white you used?
    Thanks so much!

  9. Anamaria Moura says:

    Dear Sandra,

    I live in Brazil, just finished to build this big house, with lot of closets to be built and would love to have you around. Is there any way that I could hire you to make the plans and design of my closets and bookshelves, so that a local carpenter could easily do it? Please let me know if this would be possible and the costs associated with it.

    Kind regards,


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