How to get rid of ugly wall texture – Skim Coating

how to skim coat your walls

If you’ve been following my home remodels, you know do a lot of skim coating on my walls.  I have two methods for skim coating and I’ve shared them both with you in the video at the end of the post.  It’s something you have to SHOW not explain.

I detest heavy  ugly wall texture.  DETEST it.  (It’s a personal thing.)  This house has it worse than any other home I’ve remodeled.  It’s a super heavy knock down texture and it’s randomly uneven.  Some areas just have a few random blobs and the rest looks like this.

how to skim coat your walls


I use premixed joint compound.  It costs about $15 for a 5 gallon bucket.  My walls are SUPER heavy so I’ve done 5 coats and used 2 buckets of joint compound (also known as mud).

To skim coat, you water down and apply thin layers of  joint compound to your walls.  The point is to fill all the voids that surround the texture.  It’s a process!

You need a mixing attachment for your drill, a paint roller, a spray bottle with water, a wet rag and either:

a large trowel…

how to skim coat your walls


…or aMagic Trowel for applying the mud to the walls.

how to skim coat your walls

It’s literally called a magic trowel and it’s AWESOME.


I still like the traditional trowel too.  I might use a combination of the two but if you’ve never skim coated before, I’d recommend the magic trowel.


For one, it doesn’t give you blisters.  You roll the joint compound on the wall and then swipe it smooth.

how to skim coat your walls

how to skim coat your walls


Two, you don’t end up having to sand as much.  And that’s a BIG plus because sanding makes a HUGE MESS everywhere in your house.  Not kidding.  You’ll find drywall dust in your sock drawer weeks later…

how to skim coat your walls


But it’s worth every particle of dust in my underwear drawer and the callouses on my hands because these walls are smooth as a baby’s bottom –Baby!how to skim coat your walls


It’s definitely a personal thing.  Some people love their texture — any and all kinds.  I don’t — so I fix it!

Still unsure of how to skim coat?  I made a video!


I’ll be frank with you, skim coating sucks!  It’s messy.  It is difficult and takes some practice to learn the skill.  It’s hard work.  It’s tiring and it’s frustrating.

I don’t know why I keep doing it myself.  I guess I keep forgetting  how much I hate doing it…because once I’m done and the walls look good, I can move on to the fun part of the remodel and it looks sooooooooo much better in the end.

How to get rid of ugly wall texture


  1. I’m in the middle of skim coating my living room and my walls have the same texture ‘sawdustgirl’ has. I have found that applying the first layer with the mud straight out of the container with a grout float saves a lot of time and energy. It covers those deep ridges and waves smoothly when applying and eliminates the resistance I was getting from the trowel. Covered it like I applied 2-3 coats with only 1 coat this way. Then I used her technique of diluting the mud and the paint roller to fine tune.

  2. So excited to find your blog! I am a bit of a perfectionist so I prefer to do things myself. We have textured walls everywhere and I don’t love them. Thank you for all the helpful information and video posted.

  3. Thank you!!! It so awesome that you are willing to share your knowledge. Heading out to buy stuff now and secretly starting while the mister is at work. :)

  4. I cant get the video to play. Just a black square.

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