DIY Gift Ideas: Twig Push Pins

DIY Gift Ideas: Twig Push Pins

Holy moly this is the last week of school before winter break and I have soooo much more to do!!! If you are like me and rushing around to get last minute gifts, here is a super fast DIY gift, great for teachers or anyone that enjoys spiffed up office goods.  You can buy similar push pins from Etsy or Anthropolgy for $10 to $15 a set, but you can make these for a few cents each in just a few minutes.

  Here’s the How To:

Start by finding some twigs or branches that are about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter. Cut them to size. For the round push pins, cut half inch thick discs. For the lengthwise twigs I used pruning shears to create a beveled cut, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length.

cut drill

Next drill your holes by clamping the twigs with a sturdy clamp or using a vice grip. Using a 5/16 inch drill, bit drill a hole that is about 3/8 of an inch deep. I put my finger at the bottom and when I can feel the wood start to move stop so that the drill doesn’t penetrate through to the other side.


Now take plastic push pins and test to see if they fit flush into the twig. If not trim the end of the pushpin so that it will.  Use hot glue to glue the push pin into the twig and you are done.

DIY Gift Ideas: Twig Push Pins

This is such a fun project that the kids can help with. We found so many interesting twigs, including one that will work as a hook for small objects.

DIY Gift Ideas: Twig Push Pins

When packaging the push pins, make sure that the sharp pins won’t go through the wrapping and poke anyone. I used a wooden box from the dollar section at Joanne’s as a container, painted it a bright color then wrapped a bit of packing foam with burlap and glued it into the box. We also personalized some plain cards by doing abstract water colors on them, and viola, a sweet little gift.


  1. Thomasine Glaeser says:

    Perfectly pent articles, thank you for entropy.

  2. Great idea, thanks for sharing. For magnet lovers, one could drill a hole fitting for a simple magnet and glue a magnet in……

  3. LOVE this gift idea!!!

  4. Cathy Michels says:

    What a fun idea – love the little twig used as a hook!

  5. Love it! And I hope you have been having fun getting your kitchen together. I can’t wait to see all that you have done. Take time to relax and enjoy the season also Sandra! Even if for a few days!