Framed Twig Jewelry Holder

Framed Twig Jewelry Holder


This twig frame jewlery holder made from reclaimed scrap wood, twigs and spray paint is an awesome (FRUGAL) gift idea.

Leave it natural or paint it.  It was basically free!!! I used some 1 x 2 reclaimed wood  scraps, twigs, & white spray paint. to create this nifty jewelry holder.


It looks awesome hanging on the wall in my closet. I love that the jewelry looks like art and brings a lot of sparkle to the room. It also organizes and keeps jewelry from getting tangled. Plus, having my jewelry out on display reminds me to throw on something new once in a while. I love it so much I am going to give this one to my daughter and make a bigger one for me.

Framed Twig Jewelry Holder


  • Approximately 5 feet 1 X 2 wood
  • Sturdy twigs and small branches
  • Glue gun
  • Small brad nails
  • Wood glue
  • Spray paint
  • hand pruners

I started by dadoing out a about a 5/8 inch strip in the middle of the wood. I ended up deciding that this is not necessary, but it did

make gluing a little bit easier.


Next I created a rectangular frame by cutting my wood, then gluing and nailing together. I mitered my corners, but again after I was finished decided that it would look just as good with butt end corners.


If you are going to paint your box this would be a good time to do it.  My original intention was to leave the whole thing natural and show off the beauty of the distressed reclaimed wood and branches. Then when I hung it on the wall I decided it would look better painted. It was a pain to paint it after it was already assembled!

Next I started fitting my twigs into the box. I just played around with them, making sure to try to leave as many crooks, nobs, branchettes, and pokey outy spots as possible, since this is what the jewelry will hang on. Also remember that there will be a front and a back so try to create as much hanging opportunity as possible that will be accessible from the front.

Twig jewelry holder

Next I used my glue gun to glue the branches  in place. You want to make sure to get glue on the tops and bottoms and even peel away a bit of the bark at the tops and bottoms so that you get a really secure attachment. That’s it, you are ready to hang it on a wall and display your jewels.

Twig jewelry holder


Unfortunately I was not done as I felt like the jewelry just blended into the natural woods and I wanted it to pop a bit more.

Twig jewelry holder


White spray paint to the rescue. I love how the texture of the bark took the paint unevenly giving it a birch like quality.

Twig jewelry holder

I also love how the jewelry is the star of the show.


Twig jewelry holder

For about 2 hours of work and no $$$—love!


  1. That is so beautiful, what a great idea!

  2. What a great idea. A work of art! Cheers

  3. A really creative idea! Love it–you definately need a bigger one. If it were me I would need one stick with no nub to hang anything on–I am so sad!!

  4. That looks spectacular. Looks almost better without the jewelry, just as artwork :)

  5. Shannon Ashley says:

    This is so cute! You could even staple chicken wire to the back for earrings!

  6. Um, hello! This is GORGEOUS, Sandra!! Brilliant idea!!

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