Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard

Madison and I have planned a very special dinner for Wes tonight and since it’s so super duper special, we made a special “Ghostly Halloween Chalkboard Menu” so he’d know what he was in for!  Muhahahahahaha

!Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard
I know, you totally want to come over for dinner tonight, right?

Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard


Halloween has always been Madison’s favorite Holiday.  Last year it sneaked up on us and flew past before we knew it was there.  The entire last year did, actually.  BUT NOT THIS YEAR!  This year we have oodles of projects in store.  She has two full weeks of Fall break and SHE has big plans for making about 10 projects.  (I kind of hoped to get some things crossed off my to-do list but…I’ll try to do both.  sigh.)


We finished one project today.  It started out as this mirror I bought at the Habitat ReStore for $8.  I removed the mirror and used the hardboard backing for the chalkboard surface.  I used chalkboard spray paint for that — because it’s SO Easy!

Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard


We sanded it lightly then primed it and painted it with a grey base coat.  And then…we painted it with Valspar stone effects paint.  We wanted it to look like a gravestone.  And even though you can’t tell from the pictures, it does…and it’s cool!

Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard

Then I cut the “Ghostly Face” off a Styrofoam Beauty Salon head!  (Sounds so violent.)


Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard


If you aren’t aware, spray paint KIND OF MELTS Styrofoam so don’t be alarmed if you try this at home and  your “Face” shrinks a bit.  The stone effect hid it though so we didn’t care.

Then Madison got creative with our menu!

Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard
We’ll start off with a few “Witches Warts” and a zesty “Bloodbath and Biscuits” soup.  Followed by “Preserved Hearts” and “Baked Skeleton Bones”.  And last but not least, “Poisoned Apple”s and “Cauldron Coffee” for dessert.  You TOTALLY want to come over for dinner!Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard

We tried styling it with out GROSS rat from our All Inclusive Holiday Mantle but Brody kept trying to eat the spider hanging off Mr, Rat’s tail!
Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard

So we ended up with our famous Halloween Candelabra sans Kitty.  I did find her though.  The movers packed her up in a box of fabric and labeled the box “Garage”.  ???  Whatever!

Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard

Happy October!


  1. Stone paint…now why didn’t I think of that?!! Great job!

  2. I love your creativity & ReDESIGN ideas ! VERY cool !

  3. Love the menu board. ALso like the candelabra. I’ll come over for a creepy dinner anytime!

  4. HAHA, I just love the photo of you with the knife and the head… crazy funny!

  5. I think this project is awesome! Do you think the styrofoam face would have stayed intact better if it had been painted with a coat of acrylic craft paint first? I’m just wondering because I’ve melted styrofoam myself with spray paint.

    • I think it would have. I thought about doing that but knew that the stone effect paint would hide it and the melted effect would just add to the spookiness of it. (Translation: I was too lazy)

  6. I love your awesome blackboard this year. I was just at the thrift store and saw some Styrofoam wig heads too. I’ve always admired your candelabra. You come up with some of the best Halloween decorations!!

    • Thank you Karen. I have some BIG ideas in my head but don’t seem to have enough time to make them happen. Maddie and I said we were going to start making Halloween decorations back in July and are just now starting. “story of my life” LOL

  7. Sandra great makeover. You have some of the best quality Halloween decorations, I really love your subway art a few years back.

  8. Very cool! Loving that candelabra too!

    You are so funny in your pics!

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