It’s amazing what you can build with some simple techniques and a little guidance.  Check out some of the projects I’ve designed and mentored clients through from start to amazing finish!

Do you want to build something awesome?

I have been designing and building for over 14 years and am excited to share my knowledge by mentoring and  empowering others to “Build it Yourself”.

Whether you’ve never built anything before in your life…or you just want a little outside perspective on your approach or planning.  I’m here to help. 


How it works:

The Sawdust Diaries is a structured mentorship program.  My goal is to help build a foundation of knowledge that will enable you to tackle your next project on your own.

We meet via Skype video chat at a set day and time every week during your mentorship program.  I devote up to 12 weeks helping you with your project, how much you complete during that time is up to you.

  • You need a laptop, smart phone or tablet with video chat capability so you can show me your project and progress.
  • You need a Skype account.  (It’s free)

How much it costs:


Your 12 week program includes a one hour mentorship session each week billed at $50 per session.  Complete program fee is due before your first session — that is $600 due upfront.

*If you complete your project before our 12 week program ends — you will receive a refund for sessions  not used.  Only projects COMPLETED early qualify for fee refund– not projects given up on!

Design and Plans:

If you need design help, help configuring whole room room layout or a specific wall of built-ins and want to see design options that show you all the possibilities …  I’m happy to help.

I charge $75/hour to draw design and layout options as well as designing custom plans for furniture or built-ins if that is what you want.


Is this for you?

-Are you interested in taking on a big project with  me because you want learn the skills needed to complete this –and many, many more projects to come?    YES?  Then this is for you!

-Do you want a beautiful built-in but have no interest in learning how to build it — you’re just looking to save some money?  yeah?  Probably not for you!


Building is HARD work.  You will sweat.  You will get dirty.  You will probably get frustrated and you may even want to cry.   (Most likely on more than one occasion.)  Big projects take big commitment.


Are you up for the task?  If so read on…


More Details:

  • I only do mentorship sessions weekdays, Tuesday – Thursday between the hours of 10am and 3pm EST.
  • We will meet, one on one, every week at your specific day and time.  We will decide on your designated spot in our initial consultation.
  • I only work with a set number of clients at one time so if you have a “spot” on my roster, your day/time is yours, whether you show up for our session or not.  Your 12 week mentorship fee is due before your first session.  Don’t waste our time and your money — be there.
  • Initial consultation is $75.  This fee covers your initial consultation only.  It will be held on a Skype video call so you can show me your space and we can discuss your project, design, skills, experience and needs.  From there, I will work on any design sketches or custom plans you may request.
  • I bill by the hour for design sketching and creating custom plans.

12 weeks is what you get, it’s up to you to complete as much as you can during that time.  If you are not done with your project at the end of your 12 weeks and you think you still need my help…you can inquire about another session.  I may or may not have a consecutive spot open for you.  Just work REALLY HARD during the 12 weeks we have together and let’s try to make sure your project is done.  (Or at least done to the point that you don’t need me anymore because you are so confident and skilled that you are ready to move on alone!)

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