Ask Sandra- some YOU-Tube fun

Ask Sandra final

Hey guys!  You know me, I always have a million ideas and the ability to act on 1% of them -- because who could actually act on a million ideas?  I'm determined start using my YouTube channel as a second avenue to deliver tips and tutorial as well as updates on my house projects because sometimes it Continue Reading

How to Reduce Drywall Dust when Sanding


I'm working on my dining room (among other things).  This room had a LOT of drywall repair and damage to be dealt with and I'm on the final stages of creating perfectly smooth walls.  Right now my work involves joint compound, mudding, sanding and a bit of swearing.   What better time to share a help Continue Reading

Pegboard Wall – Organization for Workshop Tools


Another part of my workshop "once and for all" cleanup and organization effort was installing a pegboard wall for tool storage.  A pegboard wall is an easy and inexpensive way to organize and store your workshop tools. There's a lot of wall in the workshop and you know don't like to waste sp Continue Reading

LED Shop Lights


Let there be ... LED shop lights.  Bam!   One thing I absolutely had to change about my workshop was the lighting.  This single florescent fixture was the only light in the entire shop.  There are two large windows so on bright, sunny days it was not an issue -- but as I've previously Continue Reading

Workshop Cleanup — again

Sawdust Girl Workshop Series

I've been working on cleaning up, organizing and creating better storage and a more functional workshop for over a month now.  It's difficult for my family to see the importance of this task when there is so much to be done in the part of the house that we are living in.  You saw the three year  Continue Reading

Three year house tour.

TN house tour - Video

It's August 2014!!!  Which means we have been in this house for three years.  I can barely believe it and I know I said the same thing last year after I did a two year update but seams like after three years I should have a LOT more projects completed by now.  But, as I said in the video, I ca Continue Reading

Rolling Air Compressor and Tool Organizing Work Cart

Air Compressor and Tool Storage Rolling Work Cart

I designed and built this rolling work cart to hold my air compressor, nail guns, drills and other various tools as well as screws, nails and all the other necessary accessories that I use on pretty much a daily basis.  I've been using it for about a month now.  I wanted to test out it's f Continue Reading

She Knows TV: HomeStretch – Season 7 – Laundry Room Makeover

sandra and i

It's Throw Back Thursday so I thought I'd finally share my She Knows TV "HomeStretch" laundry room makeover challenge episodes -- where I went head to head with Sarah of Ugly Duckling House . The challenge was to see who could tear the heck out of a laundry room and put it back together (only Continue Reading

Remodel in Progress

the kitchen copy

I know it's been a while since I gave an update on what's happening in my house but it's not because things aren't happening.  It's because things are happening EVERYWHERE.  It's very discombobulating -- living in this house right now.  Almost the whole main floor is under "construction" in some way, Continue Reading

Organization Station Memo Boards

houshold_organization_memo_boards square

Getting parts of the house finished enough to actually hang something on the wall is very exciting!   The entry is almost complete and I was tired of staring at blank walls so I took advantage of my opportunity to partner with Scotch  and used some of their new fastener products to create an or Continue Reading