5 Time Saving Tips to make Dinnertime Doable


DIY-ers are a unique crowd. Usually they are quite confident, willing to experiment, and BUSY. My sister and I have done plenty of DIY projects ourselves…home renovations, tiling, painting, small build projects, and more.  Finding time to prepare healthy meals in the midst of that kind of chaos is, well, challenging.  If not near impossible. […]

Getting Cheeky with it!


  I’m super duper excited about a new series here on Sawdust Girl!  Yeah–you heard right!  A new series called:  In The Kitchen…Lifestyle…Life…When Life gets in the way of DIY…We all have to eat…  (Something like that).    Why?  Well I’ll tell you why… If you’re a busy DIYer like me then you’re almost always up to […]

How to install a Plank Wall – tongue and groove

How to install a Plank Wall - tongue and groove

Every time I install a plank wall or ceiling, I get asked tons of questions.  I’ve done a couple tutorials on plank walls already but I’m doing another one including a video to answer all the questions — in detail.  I’m going to “show and tell” you everything I know about plank walls.  You ready […]

Taking the long way

opening_doorway copy

Last week I trimmed out the three doors in our main hallway and started installing 1×6 planks on the wall.  (I’m taking a break from the kitchen while I wait for some things I have on order.)  So the door in the middle is the door to the basement.  The door on the right is […]

How to Install Floating Shelves

How to istall floating shelves

  If you just read my tutorial on Building Floating Shelves, you are ready to install.  If not, you might want to read that one.  ;-)  There are quite a few ways to secure floating shelves, I’m using one of the easiest ways which is to simply build a hollow box that slides onto a […]

How to Build Floating Shelves

How to Build and Install Floating Shelves in a Kitchen Backsplash

I’ve been sharing my kitchen progress on facebook and lots of you wanted to know how I was going to attach my shelves to the wall.  This method is nothing like what I showed you in my recent U shaped floating shelves that I put in my hall closet.  When floating shelves are only supported on one […]

Spring Decorating with Moss

Spring Decorating with Moss

Moss is such a great item to use in DIY projects for Spring decorating because it’s abundant, colorful — and cheap.  I can’t wait for my house to be finished to the point that I can start decorating.  Honestly, I don’t know why I torture myself by even checking in on Facebook (where I follow […]



I  literally spent 12 hours tiling yesterday and I’m done with the backsplash!  I’m sore all over but am so glad to be finished.  I took the hood down twice last week thinking I was ready to tile — I was overly excited to get it done.  I sketched out several layout options and had […]

15 Awesome DIY Storage Ideas


How to build floating shelves

How to build Floating Shelves

How to build floating shelves I wanted to build chunky shelves in the closet because I wanted my closet to be pretty.  That’s just how I roll.  Building small decorative floating shelves is generally an easy task.  You build the shelf, install a cleat and hang the shelf.  Done.  Not these floating shelves.  Of course […]

Hall Closet with Floating Shelves

Hall Closet with Floating Shelves

I’m so happy with my new hall closet.  The chunky floating shelves look pretty empty but they are going to hold SO MUCH crap!  (And we sorely need someplace to store some crap.)  It’s very rewarding to finish a project.  Completely finish.  Not mostly, almost or just enough to be functional.  It’s absolutely, positively 100% […]

Hall Closet … yet another distraction

Hall closet

This house is all kinds of half finished projects.  I get one project to a point of somewhat functionality and then move on to another area because we’ve reached our tolerance threshold for the mess there.  It feels like I’m fighting a wild fire –where embers keep starting little fires all around me.  I have […]