Remodel in Progress

the kitchen copy

I know it's been a while since I gave an update on what's happening in my house but it's not because things aren't happening.  It's because things are happening EVERYWHERE.  It's very discombobulating -- living in this house right now.  Almost the whole main floor is under "construction" in some way, Continue Reading

Weekend progress update


I worked all weekend and made lots of progress -- even though the inside of my house still looks like a tornado blew through it.  That's just the way it is.  Things look like crap during 80% of the project and then all of the sudden it all comes together and looks amazing.  I think I'm at about 50% o Continue Reading

the Pot Filler

pot_filler_gas_cooktop copy

You might have noticed a blue pipe sticking out of the wall in all my past kitchen updates.    (There it is!) I've always thought a pot filler would be handy but this is the very first time in the history of my "remodeling houses for us as we move around the country" career that I have torn ou Continue Reading

Hall Closet … yet another distraction

Hall closet

This house is all kinds of half finished projects.  I get one project to a point of somewhat functionality and then move on to another area because we've reached our tolerance threshold for the mess there.  It feels like I'm fighting a wild fire --where embers keep starting little fires all around m Continue Reading

counters, faucets and pantry shelves

kitchen faucet

The kitchen is moving along now.  I'm recovered enough now to do light work:  I did a little sanding and painting this week.  :-)  Didn't get too far --I'm pacing myself making sure not to overdo it.  I didn't make a lot of progress personally but the contracted portions are almost done! The coun Continue Reading

White granite countertops- and cabinet color revealed

white granite countertops and cabinet color revealed

The island countertop is in and I'll finally let you see the color of the cabinets. It's Sherwin Williams "Summit Grey". It obviously won't look finished until the doors are on the cabinets but every step in the right direction is exciting progress. It felt like Christmas-- waiting for them to Continue Reading

Kitchen Island

Kitchen island update

It feels like this kitchen is moving along at a snails pace -- but forward motion is good motion so I shan't complain.  I coached Wes and the handymen through finishing all the cabinets for the island.  I think the handymen were DONE with me by the time they finished because I was all up in their bu Continue Reading

First you clean it, then you tear it up.

dining room wall demo

In my last update I walled up one entrance to the dining room and started installing tongue and groove planks to the entry wall.  Lots more has happened since then. Thursday I finished the wall and ceiling then hauled ALL my tools and supplies down to the garage so we could have a cleanish home f Continue Reading