Rolling Air Compressor and Tool Organizing Work Cart

Air Compressor and Tool Storage Rolling Work Cart

I designed and built this rolling work cart to hold my air compressor, nail guns, drills and other various tools as well as screws, nails and all the other necessary accessories that I use on pretty much a daily basis.  I've been using it for about a month now.  I wanted to test out it's f Continue Reading

How to remove nails – the easy way

Sawdust Girl Tip: nail pulling pliers

How to remove nails - the easy way I've pulled my share of nails in my life.  I've pulled nails out of trim moulding that I've removed and wanted to reuse.  I've pulled them out of subfloors after ripping out the flooring.  Popped nails, broken nails, miss nails, fail nails... No matter the reason Continue Reading

Molding Profile Contour Gauge


  My mother always said to share!  So since I found this awesome tool a few years ago I figured I better share it with you.  OK I'm not really going to loan it out to all of you, I'm just telling you about it so you can go get one!, Molding Profile Contour Gauge.   If you ha Continue Reading

Pocket hole jig – tool tip


There are lots of different ways to join wood.  I frequently use a pocket hole jig on hidden joints.  It's quick and easy and I don't have to use clamps or wait for glue to dry before I can move on to another part of my build.   When drilling your pocket holes,  sawdust quickly ac Continue Reading

Protect your fingers -use a drive guide with retractible sleeve

bit sleeve

A good drill/driver is probably the most utilized tool in any workshop.  It certainly is in mine.  But there's a handy gadget that I couple with my drill/driver that I would NOT want to be without; a drive guide with a retractible sleeve.  This holds the screw in place and protects my fingers while I Continue Reading

Extend the life of sandpaper with an abrasive cleaning stick

Abrasive cleaning stick extends life of sandpaper

Did you know that you can extend the life of your sandpaper and abrasives with a cleaning stick?  Yep! You know when you're sanding and your sandpaper gets all gunked up and stops being effective because sawdust is embedded in all the spaces in around and between the abrasive grit?  Yeah, you   Continue Reading

How to use a Miter Saw

how to use a miter saw

 My mother always told me, "Never say never"  but that does not apply when using power tools.   There are a few "never" and "always" rules to follow when using a miter saw. NEVER: Never cross your hands, arms or any other body part over the path of the saw blade. Never start t Continue Reading

downsizing your drawers (nope, this is not a dieting post)

resizing a drawer

On rare occasion,  I've found myself needing to cut down a drawer that is too tall.  For interest sake, I'll give you a couple examples:  a drawer might not close because of a cleat in the back of a cabinet or a new cooktop ends up being deeper than the old one and the drawers no longer fit Continue Reading

Matrix Drill Review

Black & Decker Matrix review

Black & Decker Matrix review and Sawdust Throwdown Monthly link party.   I received the 20V Black and Decker Matrix a few months back to test out.  It's basically six tools in one.  What?  You can switch out the drill/driver for 5 other different attachments.  When I first tried it out Continue Reading

Kreg Rip-Cut and cutting tips

Building laundry room cabinets

I've used my Kreg Rip-Cut tool a few times now and it's definitely become a workshop fav.  I've tried other circular saw cutting guides for ripping sheetgoods before with disappointing results.  I was skeptical about this one being any different.   I was dead wrong.   The Rip-Cut giv Continue Reading

Gadgets for the New Carpenter

gadget guide for the new carpenter

I covered all the power tools I use on a regular basis in my Power Tools for the New Carpenter post.  There are a few other tools and gadgets I use when building cabinets and buit-ins that help me get professional results.  If you are a new carpenter and want to have everything on hand for that next Continue Reading

Random Orbital Sander {Workshop Fav}


I've had a LOT of different sanders over the years:  belt, square, little triangle shaped ones...but the random orbital sander is my Go-To.    I had to buy a new one a few weeks ago because:  1.  the hook and loop pad on my old sander was worn out,  2.  it takes 24 hours to glue a new pad on and 3 Continue Reading