Repurposed Metal Fireplace Screen


I had SO MUCH FUN this week creating this DIY wood frame with a metal insert made out of a fireplace screen that I repurposed.  I've had this old fireplace screen for years.  I've moved it from house to house even though we didn't need a fireplace screen because I knew that someday, I would cut off t Continue Reading

How to install a cabinet base with a floor vent

How to install a floor vent in a cabinet base

Sometimes there are obstacles in your way when installing cabinets and built-ins.  Sometimes you move the obstacles and sometimes you work around them.  I'm building a window seat and there happens to be a floor vent under the window so I'll be building a base that will direct the air out the front o Continue Reading

tips for installing inset drawers on Faceframe cabinets


Installing inset drawers (where the drawer front will be flush with the face frame) is simple enough.   You simply have to block out the cabinet behind the face frame.You can do that any number of ways:  fill the whole space with a false side (waste of wood), install horizontal cleats everywhere w Continue Reading

How to install a Plank Wall – tongue and groove

How to install a Plank Wall - tongue and groove

Every time I install a plank wall or ceiling, I get asked tons of questions.  I've done a couple tutorials on plank walls already but I'm doing another one including a video to answer all the questions -- in detail.  I'm going to "show and tell" you everything I know about plank walls.  You ready fo Continue Reading

How to Build Floating Shelves

How to Build and Install Floating Shelves in a Kitchen Backsplash

I've been sharing my kitchen progress on facebook and lots of you wanted to know how I was going to attach my shelves to the wall.  This method is nothing like what I showed you in my recent U shaped floating shelves that I put in my hall closet.  When floating shelves are only supported on one wal Continue Reading

Spring Decorating with Moss

Spring Decorating with Moss

Moss is such a great item to use in DIY projects for Spring decorating because it's abundant, colorful -- and cheap.  I can't wait for my house to be finished to the point that I can start decorating.  Honestly, I don't know why I torture myself by even checking in on Facebook (where I follow all t Continue Reading

How to remove nails – the easy way

Sawdust Girl Tip: nail pulling pliers

How to remove nails - the easy way I've pulled my share of nails in my life.  I've pulled nails out of trim moulding that I've removed and wanted to reuse.  I've pulled them out of subfloors after ripping out the flooring.  Popped nails, broken nails, miss nails, fail nails... No matter the reason Continue Reading

8 Creative DIY Dog Beds

8 Creative DIY Dog Beds

Guess what? It's Madison!  We're super excited in our house because we decided to adopt another puppy!  She's only 3 weeks old right now so we have a while to get ready for her.  I've been looking at lots of CUTE doggy ideas and mom said I should write a post and here I am!  Now without fu Continue Reading

DIY Drying Rack

DIY Drying Rack3

I know it may not seem very romantic, but this is what I gave my love for Valentines day. Before you get all sad for him, thinking he has the least romantic wife in the world, let me just say that my husband is the Mac Daddy of laundry—I kid you not! When he does the laundry everything looks like it Continue Reading

Easy Entry Organization with Shoe Pegs

Entry Organization with hoe Pegs

I feel like my back door entry has grown a shoe mountain with all of the boots and shoes we now need for the snow, rain, mud, and everything in between. I swear it takes an extra 5-10 minutes to get out the door in the mornings between playing the shoe pile scramble, and then navigating the Continue Reading

DIY Creepy Halloween Candle Sconce

DIY Halloween Candle Sconce 2

Holy moly less than a week till Halloween and we haven’t done much decorating yet.  When Sophie complains I just say, “We don’t need to decorate, our house is scary just as it is. Why, with all the sawdust and half finished projects everywhere, I feel like running down the street screaming every day. Continue Reading

How to fix a stripped screw hole with household items

fix stripped screw holes with household items

Today I wanted to share a solution to a problem I have had so many times I can't count -- stripped screw holes.  You know -- when your screw has stripped out the wood and just turns in the hole and doesn't hold any thing in place.  How does that happen? Hypothetical scenario here: A fight between t Continue Reading