DIY Creepy Halloween Candle Sconce

DIY Halloween Candle Sconce 2

Holy moly less than a week till Halloween and we haven’t done much decorating yet.  When Sophie complains I just say, “We don’t need to decorate, our house is scary just as it is. Why, with all the sawdust and half finished projects everywhere, I feel like running down the street screaming every day. Continue Reading

Awesome DIY Tombstones

DIY Halloween

It's October and at my house that means Halloween!  We are official Halloween nuts inside and out.  Today I want to share our grave yard with you.  Or should I say I want to show you how we made some awesome DIY tombstones. Continue Reading

Whimsical Wooden Vase Tutorial

wooden vases 16

Hi, I'm Erin and I blog over at Erin's Creative Energy.  I am so excited to be over here at Sawdust Girl!   Sandra was one of the very first bloggers I discovered and am honored to be able to share my Whimsical Wooden Vases with you. If there is one thing that I have more than I know what to Continue Reading

No Sew T-Shirt Apron Tutorial

t-shirt apron tutorial

Lately I've been spending more time building and painting than baking and candy making.  I used to enjoy doing those other things --occasionally.  I did make time to whip up a funky little apron recently.  Why?  Because I really should wear aprons when I PAINT because I have such a bad habit of wip Continue Reading

Framed Twig Jewelry Holder

Twig jewelry holder

  This twig frame jewlery holder made from reclaimed scrap wood, twigs and spray paint is an awesome (FRUGAL) gift idea. Leave it natural or paint it.  It was basically free!!! I used some 1 x 2 reclaimed wood  scraps, twigs, & white spray paint. to create this nifty jewelry holder. Continue Reading

DIY Christmas Ornaments


I have tons of ornaments on my tree but I can still see TREE so, in my opinion, that means I need more ornaments!  I'm too cheap to buy them until after Christmas when they are all ridiculously discounted.  So, of course, I thought I'd DIY some after being inspired by ...the www!   Continue Reading

Turn a bookcase into a Dollhouse

dollhouse bookcase

I've decided not to dive into any more HUGE projects until after the holidays.  I've got some gifts I want to make so I can't spend all my time on the house... I'll still be DIYing, just not taking out any more walls for a few months!   Continue Reading

Teacher’s Gift: Handmade Birthday Card Pack

handmade birthday cards

Teacher's are usually really good about recognizing all their students' birthdays and we all know how pricey cards can get.  I always like to give Madison's teachers a pack (or a few) of handmade cards so they don't have to dig into their own pockets for cards.  That's one thing I can easily c Continue Reading

Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard

halloween chalkboard menu

Madison and I have planned a very special dinner for Wes tonight and since it's so super duper special, we made a special "Ghostly Halloween Chalkboard Menu" so he'd know what he was in for!  Muhahahahahaha ! [pinit] I know, you totally want to come over for dinner tonight, Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Subway Art

name subway art

  I got to participate in the Plaid , Martha Stewart Mother's Day campaign.  They sent me all this good stuff...and I got to make a gift for my Momma!   I decided I wanted to make Subway art all with all my mom's grandkid's names. The first thing I did was cut a large piece Continue Reading

Decorative Chalkboard Craft


I'm participating in the Scribble Shop Crafter's Challenge.  They sent me and a group of other crafty bloggers a box of supplies and we were challenged to try to use as many of them as we could in ONE craft.  I used ALMOST all of them. Scribble Shop is an online store with just about any craft it Continue Reading

Tea Wreath

tea wreath

Here's a little break from all the sewing projects that have been coming your way.  You could make your tea loving friends a cute and easy Tea Wreath, brought to you by Kirstin on Kojo Designs. (That tea lovin' friend would be me, by the way!  In case you all were wondering what to get me for C Continue Reading