Built-in Window Seat – Bench Plans

Robin Bench square

This is the first plan in the Robin Collection.  In Robin's room, this bench is built-in between two bookcases but you could build this plan as a stand along storage bench.  Robin's bench sat over an air vent so they had to direct the air flow out through the toe kick.  You can read Robin's Sawdust D Continue Reading

Built-in Cabinets for Printer Storage – Cara Collection – free plans


This is the third installment of the Cara Collection built-in office furniture.  I've already posted plans for the Bookshelf Base Cabinets and the Upper Bookshelf.  This post includes for the Center Cabinets which Cara used to hold the printers she uses for work.  You can add adjustable shelves and u Continue Reading

Built-in Upper Bookshelf Plans – Cara Collection

faceframe with fixed shelves

This post includes plans for the upper bookshelf that sits on top of the double base cabinets in the Cara Collection. Continue Reading

Built-in Bookshelf Base Cabinet Plans – Cara Collection

Cara- 4 base- bookcase- no back

This is the first installment of the Cara Collection - Built-in Office Furniture Plans.  This post include free plans for the base cabinets for this bookshelf.  You can configure the function of each side separately.  You could have both sides be doors with adjustable shelves or both sides have dr Continue Reading

Built-in Office Furniture Plans- Cara Collection


This built-in office furniture was built by Cara, one of my Sawdust Diaries clients. All of these pieces can be built to stand alone or can be configured into a desk or double desk as Cara did.  The overall width of that configuration would depend on the amount of knee space you give yourself.  I sug Continue Reading

Small Bedroom Built-ins


I'm so excited to share that Kristy finished her Bedroom!  Remember Kristy, from Australia, broke her finger while working on our project...?  Yeah, that Kristy!  She is done and her bedroom looks gorgeous!   Be sure to check out Kristy's progress updates as this project unfolded.  What a Continue Reading

Dining room built-in buffet reveal

Dining room built-in buffet - SawdustGirl.com

Val finished her dining room buffet and it's beautiful!  She's been working very hard on this built-in project for months.   I am very proud of her for sticking with it and striving for excellence. Continue Reading

Kelly’s living room office – Part 3

Kelly and the Saw

Hi, this is Kelly! You can see my living room office plan here, and the beginnings of the cabinets here.  Today’s post will document how my happy “this is fun” attitude came to a screeching halt. This post could also be titled:  Frustration Sets In: My Arch-Nemesis, the Circular Saw On the left an Continue Reading

Kristy 4- Bedroom Built-ins

building built-in bedroom storage - SawdustGirl.com

YaHooooo, time for another Sawdust Diary update! Kristy has had some major setbacks in her bedroom project.  No problems WITH the built-ins, just setbacks in general.    In addition to her broken finger she needed to do some major renovations in other areas of the house so the bedroom took a bac Continue Reading

Conquering fears and gaining confidence

building_bedroom_cabinets @SawdustGirl.com

Kristy continues to make progress on her bedroom built-ins.  Kristy's stories make me laugh and smile every time I talk to her.  She is THE happiest, bubbliest, most resilient person I have ever met (virtually or otherwise).   When we started her bedroom built-ins  in January, she had Continue Reading