Superb Summer Salads – that make a meal!

4 amazing salads that will delight and satisfy you! Full of nutrients and flavor!

I love salads but, I love a salad that can be a meal all on its own even more! This post is dedicated to us folks who love our greens, crave them all summer long....but don't like goin' hungry! Here are some ways to eat light, local, and in season. The benefit are numerous and you can find out m Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Bolognese Sauce

bolognese slow cooker text

I made a decision.  I am not going to slave over a hot stove this summer.  Not that I had any intention of doing that anyway, but I have officially declared 2014, the summer of the slow cooker.  I quite often underestimate the usefulness of my slow cooker, and I don't really think about it as being s Continue Reading

Simple Salmon Recipe ready in less than 20 minutes

Salmon in under 20 minutes

Have you ever heard the expression "everything is better with bacon"?  If you haven't, you need to hang out with me and my sister!   This post isn't about bacon though, this is about salmon. A lot of people have had bad fish experiences but if you have - don't  give up yet! The trick t Continue Reading

SNACK ATTACK – healthy snacks

Healthy Options to the Snack Attack

The end of school is rapidly approaching and after having kids home from school this past weekend (when it was gloriously summer like) I realized - these kids don't stop eating!!   Maybe it's the increase in activity level, the sunshine and fresh air....or maybe they just like to constantly Continue Reading

Menu Magic – 5 ready in minutes meals

Menu for busy people - 5 dinners in 15 minutes or less

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times:  planning is the key to dinner time.  It's nearly impossible to think that dinner will magically be simple without some planning and strategizing.  We provide weekly menus and grocery lists when you sign up here, but Sandra thought it might be co Continue Reading

Pizza in a Pinch

Fresh, home made, healthy pizza

Sometimes I just don't have the energy to cook a proper meal.  By proper I mean one with actual side dishes, or at least a salad.  Sometimes I am just up to my eyeballs in projects, laundry, or a good novel.  Er, I mean a good volunteering opportunity at my kid's school.  Can I get an amen?  If you h Continue Reading

5 Time Saving Tips to make Dinnertime Doable


DIY-ers are a unique crowd. Usually they are quite confident, willing to experiment, and BUSY. My sister and I have done plenty of DIY projects ourselves...home renovations, tiling, painting, small build projects, and more.  Finding time to prepare healthy meals in the midst of that kind of chaos Continue Reading

Getting Cheeky with it!


  I'm super duper excited about a new series here on Sawdust Girl!  Yeah--you heard right!  A new series called:  In The Kitchen...Lifestyle...Life...When Life gets in the way of DIY...We all have to eat...  (Something like that).    Why?  Well I'll tell you why... If you're a busy DIY Continue Reading

Easy Lemon Drop Cookie Recipe

Easy lemon drop cookie recipe

After working for three months on Beckie's project, I'm ready for a vacation. Well, you might as well know, I AM on vacation. Wes, Madison and I are taking a little break from the homework, jobs, DIY chaos and cold.   So while we enjoy the sunny beaches in Cabo San Lucas, here's a delicious, easy, Continue Reading

Banana Boats (easiest recipe ever for a kinda’ healthy dessert)


We usually like to have a sweet treat after dinner.  Not every night. -- but just about.  Sometimes it's plain fruit.  Sometimes it's pie or cake or brownies or cookies...  (Usually it's not just plain fruit.)  Sometimes we want a treat but don't have the energy or ingredients to make cookies or brow Continue Reading