DIY Creepy Halloween Candle Sconce

DIY Halloween Candle Sconce 2

Holy moly less than a week till Halloween and we haven’t done much decorating yet.  When Sophie complains I just say, “We don’t need to decorate, our house is scary just as it is. Why, with all the sawdust and half finished projects everywhere, I feel like running down the street screaming every day. Continue Reading

DIY Faux Overmantle = No More Holes in the Wall


I have been informed that exposed wires and power tools do not constitute Halloween decorations. I don’t know why—they scare me! To keep the peace and have a happy home I have been cajoled away from finishing the trim work in the upstairs bath and put on decorating duty. To be honest, it really doe Continue Reading

Awesome DIY Tombstones

DIY Halloween

It's October and at my house that means Halloween!  We are official Halloween nuts inside and out.  Today I want to share our grave yard with you.  Or should I say I want to show you how we made some awesome DIY tombstones. Continue Reading

Spooky Halloween Stick Wreath


Make this DIY Halloween spider Wreath with a few sticks, some scrap lumber and coffee filters. Cheap, easy, and so spooky!  Complete the project in less than 30 minutes.  It's a fun project to do with the kids, just wear gloves and masks when painting or you may end up looking zombified long after t Continue Reading

On trend Halloween Decor: Part 3

Decor trends for halloween_gray2

Holy cow September is almost over!!! Do you have your Halloween décor all planned out? If not here are a few more ideas to incorporating design trends into your display. See  trends 1-4 here, and 5-9 here. 10.  50 Shades of black + white (yes that = gray)   Halloween menu from Sa Continue Reading

On Trend Halloween Decor: part 2


Ready for some more trendy Halloween décor ideas that let you experiment with and enjoy current trends and then pack them away before they become passé. Here are 5 more on trend decorating ideas. See this post for trends 1 – 4. 5.  Au Naturel I love the antlers, horns and tortoise shells I am seei Continue Reading

Trendy Halloween Decor: Part 1

Trendy Halloween Decor

Happy September! Halloween is almost on deck and we Sawdustgalz are getting excited about all of the decorating possibilities! Have you been tempted by some of the more trendy décor treatments but don’t want to make the investment in time or money for something that you might be sick of seeing in Continue Reading

Trash Bag Ghosts {Kids Corner}

trash bag ghosts

These SUPER easy and inexpensive trash bag ghost Halloween decorations would look good during the day but also at night with a little LED tea light illuminating them from the inside!  What do you think?  This project was submitted by 11 year old Sophie Perrins of Boise ID.  What a fun family ac Continue Reading

Halloween Marshmallow Pops

halloween marshmallow pops

When you don't have a  lot of extra time, but you want to create special holiday memories with your family, you look for "the easy button".  I saw some cute Valentine Marshmallow Pops on Pinterest  from Mommy Gaga and knew that would be something special Madison and I could do in an afternoon...but w Continue Reading

Ghostly Halloween Menu Chalkboard

halloween chalkboard menu

Madison and I have planned a very special dinner for Wes tonight and since it's so super duper special, we made a special "Ghostly Halloween Chalkboard Menu" so he'd know what he was in for!  Muhahahahahaha ! [pinit] I know, you totally want to come over for dinner tonight, Continue Reading

Halloween Mantle

Halloween Mantle

I can't believe it's almost Halloween.  I have to admit that decorating this year wasn't high on my priority list.  Having just moved, the idea of unpacking all the decorations just to pack them back up in a few weeks didn't thrill me. But my 12 year old LOVES Halloween so we dug out as many de Continue Reading

Coffin Halloween Party Invitations

coffin invitation

We LOVE Halloween and we LOVE hosting Halloween Parties! So the other day while at the Dollar Store when I spotted these 8" coffins full of  gummy body parts, "Party Invitation" inspiration struck. At $1 each, these are not bargain invitations but I couldn't pass them up. We wanted to make Continue Reading