Still crazy after all these years


When it goes quiet on the 'ole blog for so long you know I'm either working too fast and furious to sit down and write an update or I've gone on vacation...or both.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you always get "real time" updates on projects as they are happening so you know what I've be Continue Reading



Life in the Powell household has changed once again.  Two years ago we got Brody and we all love Brody to bits.  We've been thinking it would be good for Brody to have a companion (other than our cat Maya who adopted us but because Wes and I are both allergic she has to remain an outside cat.)   So w Continue Reading

Birthdays and Burgers


We had a couple exciting events this week. 1-Madison turned 15!  We couldn't be more proud of the young woman she is.  Smart, confident, compassionate, strong, beautiful, lovely, witty, funny and easy going (for the most part -- she IS 15). 2-Brody turned 2 --and we like him a lot too!   Continue Reading

Office floors

office floors

Madison and I finished installing the office floors yesterday. Yeah!!! Even though I'm not a fan of red oak flooring, it looks much better than the carpet (and is better for everyone's allergies) -- so I'm happy.   Installing narrow plank flooring is a LOT of work and it takes 4EVER Continue Reading

Summer vacation and the value of hard work

madison cleaning the kitchen

Summer vacation means different things to different people.  Growing up on a farm, "Summer Vacation" meant it was time to work -- and we all worked HARD.   1100 acres of potatoes, beans, corn, alfalfa, wheat... equals a LOT of field work!   When there wasn't any real work to do, I swear my parents ma Continue Reading

‘da broiler

The Broiler 4

While we're on the subject of kitchen planning... I've gone back and forth on the subject of double ovens.  I had one in my first house and thought I hardly ever used both at the same time.  So in my next house I just did a single.  Then on many occasions in that house -- I wished I had a do Continue Reading

Cabo 2013 (Madison says she is NEVER going in the ocean again!)

at the pool

Wes, Madison and I went on vacation last week.    We spent a week in Cabo.  It was beautiful, relaxing and fun -- but we're all glad to be home again.  You know your vacation was exactly the right length when you're a tiny bit sad to leave and yet SUPER EXCITED to get home.   The fir Continue Reading

Snow Day

snow day

Here in East TN, they don't get a whole lot of snow and people get skeered and don't know how to drive in it. (And they don't have snow plows...) But last Thursday we got snow. The city called Friday a Snow Day!  (I think we got about an inch.)  Madison couldn't have been h Continue Reading



I've been going through all my photos and videos in order to write up tutorials for the plank ceiling and wainscoting-- and Holy Momma do I have a LOT of photos and video to sort through.   So, while I'm working on those posts, enjoy this "behind the scenes of me trying to take pictures of my Continue Reading

Just for fun (or not)


When we went camping in the rain, Brody spent a bit of time wrapped in a towel in my arms seated by the fire because he was shivering.  I've never seen a dog shiver before.  So we decided he needed a sweater.   But Madison was shopping with me so we didn't stop with one simple, soft fl Continue Reading