Skull Book Ends

skull bookends

It turns out I bought about a dozen of these dollar store skulls last year.  I found them all in my Halloween boxes now that I'm finally getting around to digging through them.  {Apparently I thought they were going to run out and I stocked up!} I just threw those book covers together so don't j Continue Reading

Mad Gab Halloween

Have you ever played Mad Gab? I couldn't find a Halloween version anywhere so I made my own. I made these for Madison's Class Halloween party last year.  It was a big hit!  The kids loved the challenge..They would shout out the answer while most of the adults were still trying figure it o Continue Reading

“Trapped Soul” {Halloween Decoration}

trapped soul halloween mirror

   Here's a quick, easy and totally cheep Halloween decoration. This mirror was on clearance because of the crack but it has a nice frame so I bought it.  I decided to make a Halloween decoration out of it before I remove the mirror and use the frame for who knows what. You can scrape the pai Continue Reading

Glowing eyed portraits

GLowing eyed portraits

  Take any print or photo and transform them into Glowing Eyed Portraits in one simple step.  It's so easy and super cool! When you look at these pictures straight on, they look normal.   But check out what happens when you tilt them so they reflect some light! Here's Continue Reading

$5 DIY Skull Candlesticks

skull candlesticks

Make these awesome DIY Skull Candlesticks for about $5 each out of thrift store lamps and dollar store skulls.  This is an easy DIY project that you can throw together in about 30 minutes to rival any Halloween decoration you could find at a Halloween Superstore or Home decor  Halloween display for u Continue Reading

Halloween Subway Art

Halloween subway art decoratoin

       I know, we've seen lots of subway art projects lately. Well I made one too so I might as well share!   I was inspired by Jen's Spooky Subway Art project on Tatertot's and Jello and one from Swainston Vinyl and Design.   This project cost me $1 because I bought four 25 ce Continue Reading