Organization Station Memo Boards

houshold_organization_memo_boards square

Getting parts of the house finished enough to actually hang something on the wall is very exciting!   The entry is almost complete and I was tired of staring at blank walls so I took advantage of my opportunity to partner with Scotch  and used some of their new fastener products to create an or Continue Reading

Still crazy after all these years


When it goes quiet on the 'ole blog for so long you know I'm either working too fast and furious to sit down and write an update or I've gone on vacation...or both.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you always get "real time" updates on projects as they are happening so you know what I've be Continue Reading

Repurposed Metal Fireplace Screen


I had SO MUCH FUN this week creating this DIY wood frame with a metal insert made out of a fireplace screen that I repurposed.  I've had this old fireplace screen for years.  I've moved it from house to house even though we didn't need a fireplace screen because I knew that someday, I would cut off t Continue Reading

Barn Door Installation

Barn Door

This barn door has been months in the making.  It is made up of 10 planks glued together which I glued up in sections.  While glue was setting on each section I worked on other projects and we got a new puppy so the glue-up took a really long time. Then I finished one side and let the finish cure Continue Reading

How to install a cabinet base with a floor vent

How to install a floor vent in a cabinet base

Sometimes there are obstacles in your way when installing cabinets and built-ins.  Sometimes you move the obstacles and sometimes you work around them.  I'm building a window seat and there happens to be a floor vent under the window so I'll be building a base that will direct the air out the front o Continue Reading

How to hang a Cabinet using a French Cleat


Using a French cleat is probably the easiest way to hang a cabinet on the wall when working alone.  You secure one half of the cleat to the wall and the other to the cabinet and then simply set the cabinet onto the cleat.  Done!  It is as simple as that -- but I have a few tips to share because if yo Continue Reading

New – New Pantry

new pantry 6

Remember my new pantry that I tore out so I could build a bigger one?  I'm done.  Many of you asked if I planned on leaving it open or if I had plans for doors.  It will have doors eventually.  It is a functional pantry and as you can see, the items that we are storing do not make for an attractive d Continue Reading

tips for installing inset drawers on Faceframe cabinets


Installing inset drawers (where the drawer front will be flush with the face frame) is simple enough.   You simply have to block out the cabinet behind the face frame.You can do that any number of ways:  fill the whole space with a false side (waste of wood), install horizontal cleats everywhere w Continue Reading



Life in the Powell household has changed once again.  Two years ago we got Brody and we all love Brody to bits.  We've been thinking it would be good for Brody to have a companion (other than our cat Maya who adopted us but because Wes and I are both allergic she has to remain an outside cat.)   So w Continue Reading

Porch clean-up and organization #SeriouslyStrong

installation collage

Since we got the porch installed, the side entrance has been great for bringing in groceries and taking out the trash.  Yep, it's been great!  Except for... all the mulch, leaves and dirt we've been tracking in the recycling has basically just been piling up and spilling over and the garden h Continue Reading

The Nesting Place – Giveaway

the nesting place

It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful! My friend, Myquillyn Smith  (The Nester) recently sent me a copy of her new book The Nesting Place. I briefly flipped through the pages but set the book aside.   I was in the middle of a project, covered in sawdust and paint and wanted to shower and Continue Reading

Pantry demo — say what?


Remember my pantry?  Yeah, the new one in the kitchen. never got finished because I knew right away that I'd have to change something.  I purposefully left a 48" wide walkway next to the window in the kitchen because I wanted to add a window seat.  But I don't want a window seat just si Continue Reading