DIY X Base Dining Table – free plans

X-leg farmhouse table plans

You should be able to build this super easy X base Farmhouse table for about $50.  Cutting the angles for the X braces will be the most difficult part because one angle is over 45• which is the limit on a lot of miter saws.  But there’s a simple fix, use an angle finder, mark it and use a jigsaw or circular saw for the cut.

What I love about this plan is that there are no visible fasteners!  If you pick out attractive lumber and spend some time sanding and finishing, this could be a beautiful farmhouse table.

X Base Dining Table


  • Base:  Four 8′ 2×4′s.
  • Top:    Six 2×8′s Glued and clamped to create a slab top – Tutorial
  • Wood Glue
  • 2 1/2″ #12 pocket Screws
  • 2 1/2″ wood screws

Step 1:  Cut angles

  • Cut eight pieces as shown in blue below.
  • Use an angle finder, mark your cut and then use a jigsaw or to cut.

table base angles

Step 2:  Build “half legs”

  • Use wood glue and wood screws to attach brace parts to leg part.
  • Make sure to countersink screws
  • Placement of screws must not be too low or they will protrude through the brace part.

X base farmhouse table plans from

Step 3:  Create Full legs

  • Use wood glue and clamps to secure half legs to gather and create one full let
  • Completely slather glue on both parts then clamp them together until they dry.
  • Wipe off glue squeeze out so it doesn’t interfere with finish.

X base farmhouse table plans from

Step 4:  Attach Leg top and bottom

  • Use wood screws to secure top and bottom to leg

X base farmhouse table plans from

Step 5:  Attach Center Braces

  • Use pocket screws to secure center braces.
  • All pocket holes should be located so they are not visible on finished table


X base farmhouse table plans from


X base farmhouse table plans from SawdustGirl.comX base farmhouse table plans from

Step 5:  Glue up Top

  • Glue up 2×8′s to create a table top then secure using wood screws up through legs to attach – Glue up Tutorial


Step 6:  Attach Top

  • Drill a 1/2″ diameter hole in each side of the tops of each leg.
  • Use a washer  that is larger than the hole and will keep the screw.
  • Use wood screw to attach top – this will allow for wood movement.

X base farmhouse table plans from

Step 7:  Finish

  • Finish with stain, poly and or wax.

X base farmhouse table plans from

X base farmhouse table plans from


  1. chrissy hermanson says:

    This is so great and affordable! We want to build a dining table top with barn boards we have and the use a glass over the barn boards, so we’ve been looking for ideas for a dining table base to build. I love the x bases we’ve seen at some stores but they are pricey. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Everyday another awesome free plan… so much to make and so little time… :) Wish I had a workshop with heat and power… Come on Spring!!!