Built-in Office Furniture Plans- Cara Collection

This built-in office furniture was built by Cara, one of my Sawdust Diaries clients. All of these pieces can be built to stand alone or can be configured into a desk or double desk as Cara did.  The overall width of that configuration would depend on the amount of knee space you give yourself.  I suggest at least 30″.  Cara’s desk areas have about 40″ of knee space each.

Built-in Office Furniture Plans


The center cabinets are deeper than the outside base cabinets by about 4″.  Cara had a door on one wall so I couldn’t design the entire base unit at the standard 24″ with a 25 1/2″ countertop but I wanted to make sure the desk area was deep enough to provide adequate work space.  I created this stepped out design with the uniform decorative legs to tie it all together and make it work with Cara’s layout.

Built-in Office Furniture Plans

Built-in Office Furniture Plans

Built-in Office Furniture Plans


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  1. Hi there, Beautiful office setup! Can you please supply me with some information on the countertop and if you made it the materials used as well?

    Thanks, Jerry

  2. Wow, a modified version of this would work great in my house!
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. kim- Today's Creative Blog says:

    You my dear are amazing!