Whole house renovation?

I can’t believe I have’t written an update for 4 weeks!  I can’t believe 4 weeks have gone by since I wrote an update!  I can’t even believe I’ve been working on this kitchen for that long and have so little to show for it!

Seriously!  Lots has been happening but nothing is DONE so nothing has felt “share worthy” and I just keep working and directing traffic and watching other people work and at the end of the day feeling like I just worked a whole day.  That’s weird but it’s totally true.

We keep making small milestones but there is still so far to go that it feels like no progress is being made.  I’ll let you make your own assesement with the pictures you see here.  But first, let me REITERATE that I am not doing this alone!  I am building my cabinets.  That is all.  I’m hiring out EVERYTHING else.  So don’t think that I’m some superhero mamma that has gone and knocked out all this — unfinished awesomeness.  It probably doesn’t look awesome to most right now…unless you have “the vision”!  If you  have “The Vision” it looks Frigg’in awesome right now!


In a sort of chronological order, here is the progress update on the kitchen since my last post on November 27.  Sheesh!


1.  All my appliances are delivered and sitting in the new dining room.  It’s really the old dining room but it’s not open to the living room and kitchen so it feels like a whole new room!



2.  My dear friend (and client) Kelly came down for a short (very short as in like 2 days) visit and she helped me knock out  three main cabinets.  (Oven, cooktop and broom closet.)


3.  I finished planking the entrance hallway on both sides.  The doorway to the library is FINALLY getting trim work (I’m having the handymen pick up where I left off).

entrance hallway

The super wide hallway behind the kitchen leading to the master bedroom now has a pocket door leading to the laundry room.

laundry room pocket door

And a big new storage closet at the other end…  That giant armoire in the above picture used to sit in a bit empty space where the closet now sits.  Much more usable storage.

This whole wall is getting planked and the door to the basement is getting a bit barn door!

hall closet

I removed all of the old kitchen cabinets and half of them are in the basement while the other half sit in the old “second dining room” attempting to be a temporary place where we can find things so we can eat at home once in a while but we’ve just been eating out every single night which is getting old on top of the fact that we completely wasted energy setting up the dishes and salt and pepper (and other shtuff) in here.  Whatev!

temporary kitchen


…Oh you wanted to see the actual KITCHEN progress?
Of course!  What am I doing?

The floors are in as well as MOST of a box beam ceiling and a couple of the cabinets.  There’s a lot of coordinating to be done when completely reconfiguring your kitchen.  Plumber, HVAC, Electrician and I have 3 handymen working away.  There were 6 people here all at the same time several days last week not including myself.  It was amazing how they were never in each other’s way!

kitchen update


And this weekend we put up a Christmas tree…because Madison said this is a really depressing Christmas with no decorations or movie nights or game nights…  So we put up the tree.  I think the electrician is going to be especially excited about getting behind the tree to finish the work in that closet.  LOL

a week 'till Christmas


We’ll get all the fun and games next week when we’re all on “staycation” because my goal is for the main wall to be done by Friday.  Yeah, tomorrow.  Not tile or cabinet doors but the appliances IN.  The sink is currently in the laundry room and that’s ok for now.  Appliances in and lights in the kitchen and we’ll be happy for now.

I’m really happy with how it’s coming together.  Just have to remember that “It’s going to look like crap until it’s 98% done and then all the sudden — Bam — it’s awesome!”  It is getting there.


I’m really happy I’m not trying to do this all myself and that Kelly already helped me build the appliance cabinets because I irritated my sciatica on Saturday and am back to ground zero ( after I sneezed at the salon in March).  I’m on my second day of a 12 day steroid pack and Vicodin so I’m not hurting too bad but I’m getting an MRI on Monday to see what the heck!  I seriously just got out of the car wrong and that’s what did it.  SO DUMB!  But it won’t stop this kitchen remodel from happening.  I’m just going to build with someone and let them do all the work while I boss them around in the nicest of ways.  I promise I am taking care of myself.  It’s all good in the hood.  Or it will be very soon.


That’s my update.  Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  I’m trying to get this done as quickly as possible while still making sure everything is exactly how I want it to be and it’s taking all my physical and mental energy right now.  It’s crazy!  We’re all going insane because our entire house is literally torn apart.  The upstairs has junk just dumped all over the floor to get it out of the way in the lower two levels.  The basement ceiling is 3/4 of the way torn off and everything is crammed into the other 1/4.  Literally 9 of the 12 rooms/spaces on the main level are under some sort of construction.  SO — it is insane!


I’ll have lots of pictures and tutorials for you after the New Year so for now — Have yourself a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you on Facebook.  I’m sharing pictures there frequently so if you want to see more “real time” updates –get over there.    Peace!  <3


  1. When you get to it, please please please show us how you make the barn door and the hardwares you will be using! I am trying to make my own barn doors for my reach in closet.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for not letting me be the only one in the midst of renovation chaos during Christmas! It will get done when it gets done!

  3. Oh, Please, please please, show how you did the box beams and the trim work you have coming from the entry! I have box beams to do myself and would love advise on this as well as how you trim the opening with wood! You are amazing with your work! Beautiful!

  4. Looking fabulous!!! Curious on your choice of the oven and separate range vs a free standing one. Do you need to vent the oven up through the roof too or just above the cook top? For our remodel, I was thinking of a double oven … might be best for a family of 8

  5. Michelle Fitzgerald says:

    With the box beams, how high are your ceilings? I would love the look of coffered ceilings, but fear my ceiling is too low. Everything looks fab!

  6. You go girl… we did a minor reno to our kitchen and I thought I was gonna die and it was over a 2 week time frame. I can’t imagine gutting out and starting from scratch. I know its going to look amazing! :) Hope you get better soon and have a very Merry Christmas!

  7. I had to chuckle at your misfortune…simply because you sound just.like.me! And if I don’t laugh I may cry! I have the back issues going on (I opened a window and I was twisted, apparently!) and we’ve been doing a full house renovation since May. We got a functional kitchen in time for thanksgiving but, as you said, nothing’s completely done! We’ve come so far (we were down to the studs everywhere and added windows & exterior doors which is always fun in the middle of the summer in MA…though better than the middle of the winter, I suppose!) but the finish line isn’t even in sight! I do have cabinets now & a sink/faucet in the kitchen & my lovely new Viking range…but no doors on cabinets or trim work around windows/doors…or flooring…or permanent counters. I’m going to stop now before I cry! LOL Your project is coming along so beautifully. I have vision and am so excited to see the final product. It’s going to be amazing!!

  8. I can see it. It already looks amazing! I hope you are able to take at least one night to watch Elf and enjoy a movie night with your family. Merry Christmas!

  9. It seems like most of our house has been under construction for the last 4 years. I keep starting something that can’t be finished until some other thing gets done. I just tell hubby that it will all be torn up before it’s finished!!

  10. No need to explain, we understand you have a lot going on. Can’t wait to see it all come to fruition.

  11. You are tore up from the floor up!

  12. I am not good at seeing “the vision” but I haven’t seen a project of yours that I haven’t liked so I know this one will be equally as grand! Also, I give you a lot of credit for taking on this big of project(s) this time of year…I am holding off on pulling wallpaper because I don’t want the mess while it is Christmas time! :)

  13. I knew you were in the thick of it when I commented to your last post after a long silence of posts. Please take care of yourself and enjoy next week with your family. You have an amazing support team and they are such troopers. The tree looks beautiful! Have a wonderful break–please!

  14. I see your vision and it’s Frigg’in awesome!

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