Kitchen update

I’ve been working nonstop for like 2 weeks and it’s just barely starting to feel like I’m getting somewhere.  There is lots of back work to do before things start coming together.  The air return got moved to the hallway — yeah!

relocated air return


We removed a vent on the other side of the room where the return went in so replaced the old return with a vent so I had a lot of floor patching to do covering the removed vent…

patching floors

…and filling in where the old return was.  Remember it was in a big bookcase.  There was no flooring all around that area so I had to fill it in.

more flooring

Then I had to patch some more floor where the vent had to be moved over where the window is being replaced by a door and to create a logical transition to where I framed in the new kitchen entrance doorway .


more floor patching

And this is the current state of the kitchen.

kitchen doorAll the appliances are being delivered today so I’m clearing out the dining room so they can sit in there while I build the cabinet for the oven and cooktop.


And I have jury duty next week so we’ll see how quickly that comes together.   I guess there’s never a convenient time to have jury duty but this is REALLY not a great time but what R ya’ gonna’ do?  This is a perfect example of “life getting in the way” but it’ll all get done.  Sooner or later.


  1. Have you done a tutorial on how you patch the wood floor?

  2. Feral Turtle says:

    Wow. You have been working like a dog!! Looks really good so far! Good luck with jury duty. I have been picked 3 times???

  3. It’s coming together beautifully!!! I love your pup!! So adorably cute!!!

    Maybe you can tell them it’s not a good time and you have proof as to why!!!!


  4. what will the kitchen cabinets be made of? If other than solid wood what type of paint do you recommend for the most durable finish?
    Happy thanksgiving :)

  5. I love seeing your projects come together. What is the plan for the kitchen floor? Are we leaving it tile or bringing the wood in.

  6. I just finished jury duty (Federal) in Oct.
    It was for me a welcome break from work, but then I was not building a kitchen. I was odd man out as I did not mind being there. I miss having everyone ” all rise for the jury”.
    It was an honor to serve.

  7. Wow I am so impressed ! I wish I could do what you do. My husbands a builder and I can’t get him to do anything at our house.

  8. I’m guessing you don’t “get” to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. See, there are always blessings!

  9. Way to go. I do not think I could be two weeks with no kitchen this time of year. You are such an inspiration.