Lollipop Turkey tutorial


Hi all! My name is Kristi and I blog over at Creative Kristi. I {mostly} blog about pixels, paper & patterns. What does that mean? Well I love creating free printables for you all, sewing/crafting and giving away loads of blog & design advice. I am a graphic & blog designer, military wife, mom of 3 who home-schools and a born & raised Maine-er.

Today I want to show you how to make an adorable, whimsical Thanksgiving centerpiece. It’s a

Lollipop Turkey!

This can be made from scraps of wood, a few screws & some paint.


• Wood scraps

• drill

• jig saw

• screws

• paint: brown, red, yellow, white

• black sharpie

• lollipops with straight sticks and clear or mostly clear wrappers (these are an organic version from Amazon)


Visit my blog and download the pattern for the 3 semi-circles and the turkey head. Cut out the pieces and transfer/trace them onto your wood. Your wood scraps need to be thick enough to drill holes for the lollipop sticks in the side of it.


Cut out the 3 semi-circles & the turkey head. Sand all the edges and attach the head to the smallest semi-circle in the middle with a screw. Then layer the two biggest semi-circles behind the small one and attach them together with two screws.


Drill holes for your lollipop sticks. I held up two lollipops and figured out how far apart they needed to be to just barely have the wrappers touch.


Paint brown (I used matte spray paint for quick painting). Let dry. Use acrylic paint and a craft brush paint the red & yellow. I used a pencil eraser dipped in white paint for the eyes. When that was dry I used a black sharpie to draw the black portion of the eyes.

Insert your Lollipops and smile!


Thanks for having me here today Sandra!


  1. This is really cute, a fun decoration for the kids!