when, why and how to use a Nail Set

I love my nail guns but SOMETIMES, they don’t quite get the job done and you’re left with a nail head protruding slightly beyond the surface and you have to resort to an old school hammer to sink that nail.  Now you don’t want to just go hammering away at the nail and ding up your trim, grab a “nail set” do it properly.

nail that didn't sink


Grab a pair of ear plugs too because it’s loud.  It’s important to get a nail set that has a dimple on the end.  That way it won’t slip off the nail head so easily.

dimpled nail set


Place the nail set over the nail.how to sink a nail

Hammer until the nail is sunk and you have enough of a depression in the wood to fill with wood filler.


You might want to put a towel down to protect the surface in an instance like this where the hammer is laying on the floor while I pound in that stubborn nail.

how to use a nail set


Sand down the wood that pushed out around the nail set and then fill with wood filler, prime and paint.  That spot should disappear.

nail hole


And THAT is all there is to it!
sink stubborn nails with a nail set



  1. kelly thompson says:

    wow- very good to know- after 8 years our house is settling and the nails on the trim are starting to show- now I know what to do and what that tool is actually for!

  2. Thanks!! I’m doing this today…..good timing!

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