Filling nail holes in trim molding with white wood filler

Last week while filling all the nail holes in the plank ceiling, crown molding, baseboards and window casings and all the trim moulding I’ve been installing, I ran out of wood filler and when I went to pick some up I found something new – new to me anyway.  White wood filler baby!  (It actually comes in quite a few wood colors too if you’re interested.)  This stuff is the coolest thing I’ve found in a while.  Maybe you’ve been using it for a while now…and if that’s the case, why haven’t you told me about it?


White wood filler - great for painted trim moulding.


It feels like wall spackle but it dries very hard.    It’s awesome!  It molds super well to hide any imperfections you might have made with — say –your compound mitered cuts on your crown molding.  I smoosh it into the nail holes with my finger — press it in to completely fill the hole.  It doesn’t crack or shrink.

White wood filler - great for painted trim moulding.

The really awesome thing is that when you are filling holes in molding that you painted before installation, it’s nice to be able to just do one coat of touch up paint over the white filler.  With the brown wood filler,  you have to prime first or do two or three coats to completely covert the brown.

The verdict is in:  I Love this stuff!


  1. I love that product! I have finished my buid-in for a living room and filled up all holls and some scraches with the “Elmer’s” white wood filler….easy and a sanding required was minimal!!!
    I would recommend that “baby” to anyone!

  2. Susan Rodriguez says:

    This is genius! I am adding trim to my windows (thanks to Ronda’s post) and this will make it soooo much easier!

  3. Kelli C says:

    You have perfect timing! We just installed new baseboards throughout our whole house. We painted before we installed and I’ve been looking at all the nail holes weeping. My summer just got a lot less stressful!