Snow Day

Posted on: January 22nd, 2013 by Sandra Powell 13 Comments

Here in East TN, they don’t get a whole lot of snow and people get skeered and don’t know how to drive in it.

snow day

(And they don’t have snow plows…)

But last Thursday we got snow.

The city called Friday a Snow Day!  (I think we got about an inch.)  Madison couldn’t have been happier.

Friday morning Wes dug out the sleds and I grabbed the camera.  I WAS NOT going to sled because my back has been sore for a few weeks and I’ve been visiting my chiropractor regularly.

But it looked so fun…


…and Madison said, “But your back always hurts” and I felt guilty so I guess you could say I gave in to peer pressure.  Dog-gone it anyway!

I’ll be seeing my chiropractor a few extra times this week.


Madison was laughing so hard she couldn’t hold the camera still.  Hope you enjoy the spectacle as much as she did.




13 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. kristin says:

    Funny! Why is it that the one with the bad back gets thrown off the sled doing a full tumble? Which is why I have to refuse to do simple activities. Yes, my back may be tender often (and my neck is tender, and I suffer from migraines….) but I would be the one to really screw it up more!!! Hope you are no worse off for being a great mom and joining in!

  2. Luisa says:

    I really hope that you didn’t hurt yourself too bad, but I seriously “lol’d” at this!