Laundry Room Inspiration

I’m so excited about my laundry room now that I’ve finally started.  I had to get the house looking a little Christmasy.  Madison was starting to feel like we were the holiday Humbugs.  We’ve really been skimping on decorations and celebrations this last year and a half.  Now — Christmas is on.  So is the laundry room. 

I want my room to be light and bright.  Someone commented somewhere that “Wow, she really loves white” and it’s true.  White is my favorite color.  (I don’t want to hear abut white not being a color!)

I initially had it in my head that I HAD to have a red sink but I couldn’t find one I liked for a price I wanted to pay so then I thought I’d paint the cabinets red…and then I got over red altogether.  A little goes a long way.

The laundry room is the perfect place to do something fun and whimsical!  Get crazy if you feel like it!

I’m not sure I’m feeling crazy though.  I really, really like white.
…and grey!  I’m liking white and grey a lot these days.
 San Francisco Kitchen And Bath Precision Cabinets & Trim
And maybe a POP of color somewhere unexpected.
I just barely started making any progress so I have a few days to decide on color.  No matter what –I’m fairly certain there will be white…and it’s going to look 100% better than it does currently.  


  1. I also LOVE WHITE…it is my favor COLOR!!!!!! It’s timeless, classic and anything and everything goes with it! I have my W&D stacked and LOVE it!!!! It makes perfect sense and saves space….I always find it interesting that most laundry rooms don’t have stacked W&D….I believe they truly are missing out…good luck and I can’t wait to see the progress and most of all the reveal! You are an inspiration!

  2. A word of advice. What ever else you do, get a top load washer. I sprang for a top of the line front load a few years ago and I hate it. The clothes are in a horrible tangle, not clean and after one year things started to smell moldy. The moldy smell was resolved by adding a 1/4 c. of Borax to every load. Can’t wait till it breaks down and I can replace it.

  3. Something is wrong with your blog. The right hand column is covering up part of the left hand column, so I’m not able to read your entire blog entry. :(

  4. Just came home from IKEA yesterday with my laundry room cabinetry. All white. (I don’t have time to build them). Since the ceilings are 9’9″, I will have 2 banks of 30″ cabinets stacked on top of each other. Can you say a whole wack of storage (102″ wide by 60″ tall!). And I came home with butcher block countertop that I intend to stain dark. Still not sure on the paint color for the walls but I might do a pale aqua. Love all your inspiration photos! Thinking that my laundry room will look nice after all but more than likely not nearly as nice as yours! Plus you will make everything from scratch and that is just heads and tails above IKEA!

    • I’m so excited to see your house done Chantelle and have to say that Ikea has really nice cabinets. AND, they’re done!

  5. Liz VanKirk says:

    Did you ever think about doing just wainscoting/beadboard just up maybe 3/4 of the wall & then paint the upper part? Maybe a soft gray or faint light blue? You could even for a shelve/ chair rail on top and display some photos or artwork in there. It’s very clean looking & sharp!


    • There’s definitely lots of different options. So excited to get to the walls because that means I’m nearly done! Yeah. :-)

  6. Great inspiration pics. My favorite laundry room inspiration pic had a chandelier, and a drink bucket, with champagne and glasses lined up, ready to host visitors. Wouldn’t that be a surprise for guests when taking a tour (here, let’s have a toast, shall we?)

  7. You’re brave to love white like that. I can’t wait to see what you find. I like the idea of adding colour with changeable things, like baskets and artwork/frames. With a white backdrop, you can really change the vibe up easily.

  8. White isn’t just a color. It’s all the colors combined. Take white light and break it through a prism and you have a rainbow, right? That makes it the King of all colors. And why it goes with everything. And why it’s a classic and never goes out of style and always look good.


    • Bwahahaha. I knew someone would have to say that! I can never say “White is my favorite color” and not hear it. Thanks Maren.

  9. I, too, love white and am in process of trying to choose a gray for all common areas. However, I LOVE that gloss, pale aqua, board ceiling!

  10. Jake's a Girl says:

    Go White! And I love laundry rooms! Almost as much as kitchens.
    Can’t wait to see.

  11. I love white, too…but with gorgeous pops of color! I’ve wanted to redo my laundry room for several years in retro colors but haven’t done anything yet…I think because my laundry room is right off the kitchen in the garage. It is in it’s own separate room…but still in the garage! Your post makes me want to work on it! I love the high gloss paint…looks clean and easy to maintain. Good luck on your redo. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  12. We painted our ceiling a blue like you pictured above and it is my favorite Feauture! Such a subtle accent but provides depth and helps the eye move all the way up the walls creating space! Everyone comments how tall the room feels and it’s a 7′ basement!

    • Yep. Blue ceilings trick our eyes with a room’s height. It’s because our eyes are used to seeing blue skies. Sounds funny but true.

  13. I am excited for your laundry room too. I am in the process of working on mine. It is in my closet which will be handy but there really isn’t much room for anything else! Looking forward to seeing all your ideas!

  14. Go white!! You can’t go wrong…then add a hint of color in areas/artwork/decor and I think you shouldn’t forget baskets/wicker to add dimension and the natural touch. My saying would be “every room need black and some wicker/natural!”