The Laundry Room – Chapter 1

This post is a dose of reality  all who are under the MISimpression that my whole house resembles the functionality and aesthetics in my Closet, Library or Workshop.

It doesn’t.  Those are just the only rooms I’ve gotten to so far.  (Oh, and Madison’s bedroom - but that looks like a tornado blew through so I just try not to think about that room…and try to avoid going IN it anymore.

Anyway, welcome to my new project:  The Laundry Room

Library Before


Come on in.  Seriously, I DARE you!

Library Before


‘Cause it just keeps getting better and better!

Library Before


Talk about wasted space!Library Before


Two incredibly stupid things that were done in this small room.

1.  The two doors both opened up INTO the room blocking off the entire wall behind them.  The door against the far wall is the one my dad and I turned into a pocket door but the other one still opens IN.  That’s the first thing I’m going to change!

Library Before


2.  The single, small, insignificant shelf that is in the entire room is so far above and behind the washer and dryer that only a giant could reach it.  Lucky for him, Wes is kind of a giant so he doesn’t stand on tippy toes like I do.  That’s gonna’ change too!

Library Before


The ONE good thing about this room, it’s a nice size.  I can work with it.

Library Before


 Well, and the GE smart dispense something or other washer and dryer that we bought when we moved in.  

It was a splurge.  We bought the cheapest ones we could find in our last house because the house before that we had a nice set that the buyers wanted to keep — for free…and because we WANTED to sell the house we said ok.


Anyway, after staying in IL for almost 6 years with the cheapest washer and dryer on the planet, we wanted nicer ones.  SO we kind of went over the top.  I only add detergent once every 6 months and the washer talks to the dryer and tells it what to do with the batch that it’s about to eat.  They’re kind of awesome.

Library Before


Oh, and there is a sink in the room.  It’s big and not pretty but at least there’s water and a drain.  I can work with that too!   I can even work around the weird ceiling.  I think that dropped ceiling hides the stairs…maybe?  No idea.  In this house, anything is possible.Library Before



So, yeah, this is my new project.  It shouldn’t take months but I always think that so I’m not even making an estimate.  Just push forward until I come to the end.  That’s the plan!

Library Before


  1. This room has so much potential. Looking forward to watching your progress and seeing the end result!

  2. Now if that washer would move the clothes over to the dryer I would marry them. I also have the same issue with the laundry room door opening into the room and taking up space. I am thinking about replacing with a sliding barn door. Can’t wait to see your makeover. My l/r was a long bowling alley that ended up being a half bath, laundry area and home office. After 3 years it is still a work in progress with constant tweaking. You are my hero because you actually finish your projects!

  3. Love your washer and dryer duo. I’ve been drooling over those front door steam washer for awhile now and my hubby finally said yes! We are in the research stage now. Can’t wait to see your laundry room makeover!

  4. Is a house ever finished?? You’ve started and that’s what counts and the best of all, you’re taking us on the journey.

    When you’re finished, you have to sell the house and buy another one and start over, because I know, your creativity and talent has to go on. (Just kidding!!) LOL

    Have a great weekend!!


  5. I can’t wait to see what you do above the washer and dryer. I have a w/d on pedestals too and just that stupid wire shelf, that I also cannot reach. Oh yeah it’s the room that’s between the kitchen and the garage. It has nice cabinets on the other wall, but it’s a much smaller room. We actually did a glass tile backsplash and painted it from taupe to a tiffanyesque blue/green.

  6. Can’t wait to see the final room. I’m sure it will be fabulous.

  7. I think laundry rooms are a great and easy job for anyone to sruce up. One laundry room we had was also the “mudroom” from the garage. We did the front loads,built a shelf over the w/d (folding area and cubbies on top for kid oudoor storage))and I then stacked some cupboards for storage along another wall with one sideways as more shoe storae and a bench. It was tight but worked! Second home was done and perfect. This 60′s home we covered cinderblock with beadboard, wire ceiling with a drop ceiling, a wash basin between the w/d AND built a folding table using two store bought cupboards and a nice plank of wood stained. It really is a do-able room for anyone!!! And we are not Sandra experienced!!!! You can see that in all the staples in the beadboard–ugh!

  8. Your laundry room only needs a less makeover…the only thing that makes your laundry mess was your cloth and the iron table.

  9. Wow, totally cool laundry room! I can’t wait to see how you organize things, cause mine needs a folding spot, and hanging spot, and a ??? what else do I need? … so I can’t wait to see what you do :)

  10. Oh, I can promise you my current laundry room is way worse. That’s because it also houses all the mechanics of the house and all my craft stuff. So, because I refuse to take a photo, imagine, if you will, half your space with 3 times the amount of stuff in the room, drywall on the walls that was never mudded or taped, and a small skinny walking path to the machines. Oh, and above the machines and all around the room are lots of shelves crammed full with stuff because there is so little storage in this house. That is my current laundry room. Now, the one in the new house . . . that is a different story. Still only primed but already scads better! I CANNOT wait for a dedicated laundry room.

  11. Have to say it. Mine is worse. Until recently mine had a big wall down the middle dividing off the little powder room that’s attached. Pocket door broken and waste of space and ugly builder’s grade cabinetry. So the wall was demolished, I have finished painting it, but I hate the color so need to repaint. And the tile floor is in. Now I have to build the vanity, buy a vanity top and faucet, buy and install a toilet, reinstall my washer and dryer, build and paint custom cabinetry for storage, repaint the window casings, replace the flat faux oak hollow core door with a six panel door, and replace the light fixtures. Phew.

  12. This is EXACTLY what my laundry room looks like! (And I just completed a makeover a few months ago!!)

    Excited to see how you make it all work.

    • You completed a makeover and left a bunch of wasted space? LOL You probably mean the clothes and stuff all over the place. For some reason I always think that when the makeover is complete, I’m going to magically be organized and not messy anymore. You’d think I’d catch on at some point. Ha

  13. Ronda Batchelor says:

    I’m so excited for you. I love starting and finishing a new project. It’s the middle part that’s not as fun!!

  14. I can’t wait to see what you do over your washer and dryer. I have mine on pedestals too, and I would love to put a shelf or something over it, but I am only working with a closet, so I am not even sure it is possible. Thanks for showing us the before!

    • Is the door too low to be able to reach the shelf? If so, just do a narrow shelf so you can stick your head up in the closet to see what’s up there! :-)

  15. I’m waiting to see what you do in here too because I have kind of the same situation, minus all of the extra space you have. I have the washer, dryer and lovely shelf (that I can’t reach either because I am all of 5 feet tall). I also have the lovely door opening into the room and the room is just about big enough to accomodate the door, so I have some wasted space behind the door. And that is my whole laundry room. There are so many closets in my home that could use a pocket door (I don’t want to complain because I do have a lot of closets but the doors are such space hogs.

    • Don’t get me started on stupid doors! LOL If you have room for the door to hinge out the opposite wall you can make over your laundry room along with me. Step by step. Starting tomorrow when we yank out those doors and flip them around! You in? :-D

  16. I wish I had that space! Mine feels like a closet. Can’t wait to see your creativity in your new space!

  17. HA HA, mine is worse…Can’t wait to see what you do, you can come over and complete your magic at my house when your done :)

    • I didn’t think it was possible but after reading all the Facebook comments, I feel bad for complaining about my laundry room. At least I have one. So what if I have to walk over piles of laundry. It’s warm. It’s on the first floor. What more could a person want? :-)