I’ve been going through all my photos and videos in order to write up tutorials for the plank ceiling and wainscoting– and Holy Momma do I have a LOT of photos and video to sort through.  

So, while I’m working on those posts, enjoy this “behind the scenes of me trying to take pictures of my house in order to share with you” moment!

Cute dogs

I was trying to photograph the bookshelves at a certain angle that required me to sit on the floor…which, as you may know, is like a huge, blinking, beeping, “Jump on me and get all up in my face” –sign for a dog.  It is to Brody anyway!


If I had to guess what he is thinking it would be one of either of these two options.

  1. “What is that annoying clicking sound?”  
  2. “What is so interesting about this little black box?  It doesn’t do anything.  Look at me!  I can jump!  I can lick your face off!  I can bark and roll around on the chair and this pretty red pillow.  Why are paying more attention to that dumb black box than to me?”  Huh?
p.s.  Can you believe those eyelashes?  


  1. Angela Wells says:

    That was the first thing I noticed even before reading the post under his picture was his beautiful eyelashes! Wow!

  2. My dog and one of my cats feel that if you’re on the floor, you’re at their level – therefore must pay attention to them! That means kisses from the Beagle – ew!

    Brody must feel the same way. What a cutie!

    • So true. I was trying to measure the height of an outlet and had to have my face low enough to read the tape measure and Brody kept putting his face in front of mine so I couldn’t see anything. It was soooo funny!

  3. Brody is adorable!!! The look on his face is so questioning. When I get down on the floor my Sasha(dog) or Boomer(cat) is constantly at me.

    I just love animals!!


    • Oh my I love the name Boomer! Sasha too. I was never an animal lover before we got Brody but I’m stuck now. Every animal I see now, I look at their face and see personality. I never thought I’d call my dog my baby! I always rolled my eyes at people that did that! LOL

  4. I think he is thinking, “Woman! Stop taking pictures and love me right now.” He is too cute and looks like he has loads of personality.

    • He seriously want attention ALL THE TIME! If you stop petting him, he digs his head up under your hand so it ends up on top of his head again! Which makes me laugh and then I pet him some more. Spoiled dog. :-D

  5. OMG, what personality in that face! Can’t wait for the tutorials.

  6. He definitely has the long Schnauzer eyelashes and cute little nose. He is adorable. You should let him photobomb all of your reveals :-)

  7. He is adorable, and I am betting his thoughts are the second. Gorgeous lashes!

  8. OMG, Brody should have been a girl with lashes like those ;-). Yup, Buddy uses any excuse he can to get in my lap, especially when I get down to his level.

  9. I’m stealing your dog … FYI mine love a good photo bomb too!

  10. I have two cats, that, like Brody, have to be “in your face” whenever I’m trying to do something. If I’m sewing, there is always one trying to lay on the material as I’m cutting things out, or trying to crawl under it when I’m sewing. If I’m painting, there is always at least one of them who is trying to climb the ladder between my legs, or rubbing on the paint can(ever seen an orange cat with a long green stripe along it’s cheek??) They can be such nuisances…but then…what would we do without them?

    • Just picturing a cat with a green striped cheek. LOL It’s true, they just have to get up in there when you’re on their level. So cute, and so annoying.

  11. He is one CUTE little guy!! I vote he should be in all of your reveal (and other) photos from now on.

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