Turn a bookcase into a Dollhouse

Turn a bookcase into a dollhouse before and after

I’ve decided not to dive into any more HUGE projects until after the holidays.  I’ve got some gifts I want to make so I can’t spend all my time on the house… I’ll still be DIYing, just not taking out any more walls for a few months!  

I was asked to participate in the Wayfair blogger challenge to take something from their site and transform it…in any way I wanted.  I was given an MDF 3 tier bookcase.

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


I decided to use it in my gift making quest and turn it into a cute little dollhouse that any little girl would love.

To do that, I marked the center of the bookshelf sides and then used a speed square to mark my angles.  The speed square has a ledge that keeps it flush with the wood so you get a perfect 45* angle.

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


After cutting on my lines (I used my miter saw but you could use a circular saw or jig saw.  Just clamp on a straight edge to get a perfectly straight cut), I assembled the bottom and middle shelf according to the original directions.

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


The top shelf was adjustable so I put some SPAX screws (love them because you don’t have to pre drill) into it to secure it. Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


I cut the top piece to size so it would fit and screwed it in place for the back part of the roof.  I secured the little “faceplate” that came with the original bookcase to the other side  to create the idea of the front roof though I wanted it open so that area could be used as part of the playhouse.

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


And there is the shell of the dollhouse. 

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


Then it needed some paint and decoration.  I spray painted a blue border then taped over that and painted the rest of the doolhouse white.

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


I got a nice clean line because I removed the tape when the paint was still wet. 

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


 I used some vinyl adhesive shelf liner and decorative tape to fake some windows and wallpaper.

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


 I used some scrapbooking paper and stickers for wall art and a scrap of fabric for a rug.

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


I love how it turned out and it was SUPER easy to transform.  - Gift one…check!

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse


Just 3 cuts,  some paint and imagination can turn a bookshelf into an adorable dollhouse!

Turn a bookcase into a dollhouse before and after


Wouldn’t this be a great Christmas gift for a little girl?

Turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse
Partying at Funky Junk’s Saturday Nite Special.  It’s all the rage…you should totally do it too!


  1. This. is. awesome. I’ve got two God-daughters who need this for Christmas- thanks for the tutorial!

    Found you via Rhoda at Southern Hospitality-

  2. That is adorable! and totally doable!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Vonda Livingston says:

    Rhoda is a sweet friend of mine and she sent me over…I have 3 girls and oh my this doll house is sooooo cute.

    Wow girl Rhoda wasn’t kidding…you are talented!!!

  4. Great job! :) It’s very cute! :) and–when they’ve outgrown the dollhouse portion they can re-paint and it’s still a great bookcase!

  5. This is amazing Sandra! Cheers to the lucky little girl who gets it!

  6. Jake's a Girl says:

    I love it. So sweet. If our first grandbaby is a girl i’ll be trying something like this. *no they are not finding out before hand* :(
    I think this beats the expensive store bought ones hands down. Easy to add dividers for more rooms and more room to get those little hands in there.


  7. Hi Sandra!
    What a great guidance of constructing a dollhouse! Thank you for mentioning SPAX and how much you love them. That counts a lot to us.
    We’d be very pleased if you also presented your great projects on our Facebook page (facebook.com/SPAX) and show your appreciation by liking our page. ;-)
    Best wishes from Germany,
    your SPAX team

  8. Lorraine Ferguson says:

    What a cute idea. Also, I am assuming that you took these pictures in the “nearly finished” library (hint – painters tape protecting the floor) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wall treatment! Can’t wait to see the complete reveal. And hopefully, a tutorial on the wall panels!

  9. I love it! You are so talented!!! Can’t wait to see what else you create :)

  10. Adorable! When my girls get bigger rooms, that is definitely going on the list of things I’d like to make for at least one of them!

  11. Excellent! Wish we had done that for our girls, instead of spending big bucks on a dollhouse kit that never really got finished, but they loved playing with it.

  12. Awesome idea!! I like how open it is. The kids don’t have to crouch around a tiny little thing. I would have done this for my girls–so cool. AND mom gets to have fun decorating it! Great job and glad to hear you are not going to do BIG projects through the holiday season! ENJOY!

  13. I made one last year. It was a great size for my girls’ lalaloopseys. I cut boxes to divide it with walls and used scrap book paper and rickrack to decorate the walls, floors, and ceilings. They loved it. Since they had already asked for a lot of accessories it was a great way to store their stuff.

  14. That’s a fantastic idea!!

  15. Ronda Batchelor says:

    Very Cute. We did the same thing when our girls were little, only ours was pink and white.

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