World Map Subway Art

I finished painting our World Map Subway Art.  Madison LOVES it!

World Map Subway Art


She created a document with all the countries in all the fonts in the places she wanted them.  Then, as with the World Map, we used the projector and traced them onto the wall.

Then I PAINSTAKINGLY hand painted them all.

World Map Wall Subway Art


I had to lay on the floor and climb a ladder.  I spilled paint on my new floors three times…but got it done!

World Map Wall Subway Art


***Before anyone lets their OCD tendencies drive them nutty over the countries not being over their proper location — please realize that we were NOT trying to create a geographically correct map.  :-)

We wanted to create visually interesting subway art with all the places Madison wants to visit…and there’s a world map in the background.

World Map Wall Painting Subway Art

This was Madison’s vision.
She found the world map she wanted to use.  She created the Document with all the countries she wanted to include and picked out all the funky fonts that made it difficult for me to paint.
World Map Subway Art
I have to admit…I think it’s pretty cool myself!


  1. This is such a cool idea and would never thought about using a projector, but where on the map is New Zealand? :(

  2. Awesome project! Great idea to use the projector, I was wondering how you got it to look so perfect. Looks like it was fun to do.

  3. What a great project! Travel and typography are right up my alley so this is amazing! Well done mama! :-)

  4. Wow, that is amazing! I wouldn’t have the patience to pull something off like that. Fab job!

  5. Love it! Especially the different fonts. I know what you mean about the hand-painting. I did a wall of camouflage for my son several years ago (which is still there).
    I did want to know if you did this project with a craft store (Michaels) projector or more of a school-type projector?

    Thanks, and it’s nice to see someone chipping away at their to-do list!

  6. I love Madison’s vision! And your mad skillz. The house is coming along!!!!! :)

  7. What a fun project to do together! I love Madison’s vision and your hard work paid off! It’s awesome!

    • Thanks Roeshel. I told her she needed to paint the lettering but with all her homework she never had time so I just did it. When she came home from school and saw it, her reaction was worth it! :-)

  8. Is awesome, I’m from Chile, now living in Canada. Where in Chile want to visit your girl? Dessert or forest? Is really beautiful and you can see lots of different views, is not dangerous. I hope she could get it. And Peru, I guess Machu Pichu, beautiful.

    • Cool. I have no idea where she wants to go. I think if she could visit every country in the world she’d love it. Where do you recommend visiting in Chile?

  9. Sandra it’s just fabulous! You and your girl are a great team. I’m pinning now…amazing. Lisa~

  10. Totally Cool!!! Can’t wait to see how you finish the rest – and great vision Madison! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! So, where are you going to put all the post cards she’s going to get from her travels??? :) Will have to look into frequent flyer miles :)

  11. I absolutely love it!! I have been looking for a map to frame of the coastline where we love to frequent but all I can find are online maps–this gives me a great idea:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Sandra, this is awesome, and I love how Madison picked out all the elements! Very cool to see where she wants to travel in life!

    • Thank you Katie. You should have seen her initial draft. It had double the countries but I protested having to paint THAT much. Maybe she’ll still go to all those places…in her lifetime! :-)

  13. I really love it. Love the map portion a lot. I have to wonder though, don’t you ever want your daughter to leave the nest at some point? ‘Cause with a room like that she ain’t ever leaving! LOL I know I wouldn’t if it was my room! :)

  14. I love this idea. Your daughter has a definate eye for design. What a fantastic idea.

  15. Jake's a Girl says:

    She’s not the only one. I love it,too!
    Great vision Madison! :)

  16. Momma does love daughter and it shows! Just beautiful and how very proud she’ll be to show it off.

  17. That turned out great!

  18. Brook @ BeingBrook says:

    Oh I love it! It’s like a giant travel bucket list!

  19. Simply Fabulous! Now when she visits those places you will have to paint a “I ” and keep us updated on her travels!

    • Maddie suggested making another small map with pins in one color for all the places she wants to go and then another color for the places she’s been. Another project for another day…

  20. That’s so cool! Wonderful job!

  21. WOW! congratulations to all three of you!
    I admit to a doubletake when I saw “Ireland” on the westcoast, but then got it. ;)
    It’s a stunning wall… will you dare put ANYTHING in front of it? Haha

    • Thanks Cheri. The bed is supposed to go in front of it. I might cry. LOL I kept telling Maddie that all those countries at the bottom won’t be visible…but she insisted that we paint them anyway. We’ll always have these pictures. LOL

  22. Sandra all the handpainting paid off, short of using one of those vinyl cutting machines I will never have, it’s the best solution and something she will tell every one of her friends that comes over – bonus Mom points there! I love me some good fonts, paint and a brush! Nicely done.

    • Thanks Jaime. K, I have a vinyl cutting machine but didn’t want to use it. Madison had specific colors (exact shades) she wanted to use so we just went this route.

      • You could have used it to make stencils with vinyl or removable contact paper and maybe could have avoided using the projector for all those words. Just a thought! I use a Pazzles cutter for my business and it’s awesome. I love all the stuff I can do with it!

  23. Love it!

  24. Barbara Oyler says:

    Wow…this is incredible!!! You have such magnificent tallent…thank you for sharing!

  25. I just love it! I am tempted to copy the map part on a wall in our new house (when we move soon). AWESOME! Did you paint the map by hand too??

    • Yes, we used a projector and traced it and then painted it. I loved it like that and was tempted to make Maddie stay in her current room so I could put my office right back in here. LOL

  26. Holy cow! That is amazing! And despite being OCD, I kind of like that the country names are all over. Great job!

  27. Terri n da Hood says:

    This turned out incredible!
    I have a machine that cuts and uses semi permanent vinyl and this gave me such inspriation…I could NEVER hand paint like that!

  28. That turned out awesome! Well done with all the crazy fonts.

    Looks like I’m going swimming somewhere north of Antarctica ;-)

    • LOL. To her credit, Madison initially wanted to have all the countries in the proper spot but agreed with me when I suggested that it would be awfully crowded in some parts and really bare in others. Not the look we were going for.

  29. I love it!!