Guest Build{HER}: Joyful Closet Playhouse

First Build{HER} Spotlight of 2012!

You might know that I was a finalist in “Not Just A Housewife’s” Best DIY Project of 2011 Contest last week.  There were some great projects in the finalists, including one submitted by BJ of  Joy2Journey!

The funny thing is that THIS post was set to publish before either of us knew that we were COMPETITORS!  She won the prize, and I don’t hold a grudge, so I’ve decided NOT to kick her out of the guest post spot.  Teehee.  I would never!

Anyhoo, BJ had a space under the stairs and wanted to create a playhouse, she didn’t have a recessed area like I did for my Closet Playhouse,  and built her playhouse facade right on the wall.  It- is- so- cute!

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to BJ, and let her tell you about her amazing project!



Hi, I am so excited to share my latest project with you! Before I get ahead of myself tho let me introduce myself.  My name is Bj but I have been writing under the name of Joy, for two reasons, it is my middle name and Miss Precious’ (aka sweetest Grand daughter ever!) middle name too. Hence Joy2Journey.

My idea was to make an under the stairs playhouse for Miss Precious because we live in Minnesota and I wanted her to be able to use it as much as possible and I knew the space under the stairs would be perfect as I was just storing a few things in that area.

I am not afraid to tackle “new spaces” so I took the jigsaw to my wall and started cutting! (My mom said that I always thought I could do anything. :) No worries, I  know my limitations, trust me!)  I went from this …

to this …

I finished the inside 2 days before Christmas and here is looking in the door ….
I laid down carpeting with pad.  On the walls, the top half is wall paper adhered to plywood that is sold at Menards and I did a board and batten style lower half.
I got the table from Ikea for only $20.00.
My interests range from crafts, decorating, landscape, building, and everything in between. If this is something that you are interested in you can find me at Joy2Journey.

I am still learning about blogging parties and such but I am so excited to share my ideas and work. I have been so fortunate to now know of other women who have the same interests as I and I truly feel a kinship to Sandra at Sawdust and Paper Scraps. I have watched her closet project and am inspired to tackle my own! This next year I hope to complete our back yard with firepit  and pergola, paint the basement,  finish my closet, and many others. Would love to have you stop by and drop me a line as to what you think!

Thank you Sandra for inviting me over to share what I have been working on. Hugs, and have an amazing New Year!



Thanks BJ!  I love that cute little French Farmhouse door and those working shutters!

 And the shingles and the sign…

Seriously cool right?  Who wants to join me in crashing her house for a GNO in the playhouse?  Or at least a tea party!  Stop by Joy’s blog, Joy2Journey,  to see what she’s whipping up next!  I do believe she is giving a tour of the inside of the playhouse today!

[box] Want to see YOUR project featured next? Send me an email at sawdustgirl (at) gmail (dot) com and show me what you got! (And you don’t have to be a HER, I’m happy to feature a HIMs or HIM & HER that have a cool project to share!) :-) [/box]

Have a great weekend!


  1. I just love BJ and her project. When I saw it in the contest, I immediately visited her blog to leave a comment!

    And I’m stopping by through her blog. She just left the sweetest of comments on mine …


  2. Hey Sandra, the links to Joy2Journey are not working and she doesn’t show up on a google search….. Altho I did find if I click on BJ in a comment repy I got there. Just fyi.

  3. Seriously. This is so awe inspiring. Not because I have any notion to build a cottage under my stairs, but because I too am a girl that isn’t afraid to tear out a wall or window to make my house work for me. I knew Sandra and I have that in common and now we have BJ/Joy. Let’s start a club! Lisa~

  4. Dixie Redmond says:

    Love the no sour grapes from you. :-)

    And what a magical transformation to a boring and staid spot. She did great!

  5. WOW this is spectacular! I love the way she used her space and made it look like a real miniature house!

  6. I saw that on another blog a few days ago. Incredible. Makes me wish I had a space like that!