Coffin Halloween Party Invitations

coffin invitation

We LOVE Halloween and we LOVE hosting Halloween Parties!

So the other day while at the Dollar Store when I spotted these 8″ coffins full of  gummy body parts, “Party Invitation” inspiration struck.

At $1 each, these are not bargain invitations but I couldn’t pass them up.

We wanted to make sure our words would fit perfectly in the coffin lid so we traced the coffin and then scanned and saved it to the computer.  Then we used word art (or just a lot of space bar action) to fit the words perfectly inside the coffin shape.

Print out, cut out and then glue onto the inside top of each coffin.

Which left a “not super attractive coffin” when the lid was closed.

A problem easily solved with some “wood grain” paper.

More tracing, cutting and gluing.

Topped it all off with a “You’re Invited:  Open if you DARE…” sign and these babies are ready for delivery.

coffin invitation


  1. this was awesome to find on the web thank you so much for sharing with everyone.

  2. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. You can still get this candy in 2012. No evite this year to the party.

  3. Super cute idea!!

    Why didn’t you just buy one, disassemble and use the pattern on cardstock? I think, if I can find some sort of pattern, I might try this for my son’s Halloween party at school this year! He’s 9 and a Cub scout, so this could very well help him earn his Artist Activity badge as well as keep me from going nuts fulfilling the path i put myself on, HAHA!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I like that they were filled with the candy and the boxes were thick cardboard and Huge. It’s a fantastic idea to use one as a template if you have the extra time and don’t want to buy them though. We only needed a few so I didn’t mind buying them already made.

  4. Cute cute! Would probably good for V-day too!

  5. What a cute idea! I think you may have rubbed off on your daughter! ;)

    I think I will find my way to the 99cent store and see what I can find! Can’t wait for Halloween, my favorite holiday too!

  6. Such a good idea! How clever of her!

  7. Fun! My big Halloween bash is this weekend, too. My invitations weren’t nearly that cute!

    p.s. I was perusing halloween ideas today and ran across your candelabra (that you said got damaged – boo) on someone’s blog, unexpectedly. It reminded me how famous you are, and made me feel so happy to be related.

  8. Grandma Marsha says:

    Way to go, Maddie!! These are super-cute! Hope you have tons of fun at your party!

  9. Very creative. I can never find the great stuff at the Dollar Store that others do! Tell Madi that she did a great job. My daughters’ birthdays are Oct 26 & 30. We’ve had some fun birthday/Halloween parties.

  10. Way cute! My daughter is having a Paris themed birthday party in two weeks. For her invitations, we did passports and boarding passes. They turned out really cute!

  11. Isn’t she so creative! Parties are so much fun…I’ve been boycotting having one, but all the goodies and decorating is so much fun. Getting my wheels spinning for fall fest. Have a blast.

  12. These are so cute! I think she is a girl after my own heart. Hope her Halloween party is fantastic!