All in 2 days work!

Posted on: September 15th, 2011 by Sandra Powell 27 Comments

This weekend got taken over by an unexpected project.  One of the first project we wanted done when we bought this house was having gutter guards installed.  We could not get anyone out here to do it though.  Seriously?  I guess the recent hail storms are to blame …again.  (The broken window and missing screens are also STILL on the waiting list.)  After waiting and waiting for someone to show up after canceling appointment after appointment, we finally decided to just do it ourselves.

For an $800 savings on the labor!  BooYa

I’m not afraid of heights but I didn’t much care for this height over concrete!

It took us 2 days because we spent a good part of day 1 just figuring out which system we wanted to buy.  We ended up buying one panel of three different systems and took them home to see how they went on.


The thing that peeved us about waiting for someone else was the fact that we spent the previous weekend getting soaked as we cleaned the leaves out of the gutters so the rain would drain properly instead of spilling over the sides into our newly mulched flower beds.

The back porch wasn’t too bad but I was too lazy to find a decent pair of gloves that fit me so I first tried my carpenter’s gloves.

They didn’t protect me.   There are all sorts of sharp edges up there!  The shingles alone are like shattered glass glued onto a mat and the cut edges of the gutter guards are no picnic either.

Then I tried wearing Wes’ gloves which were way too big so I  had to keep taking them off to actually DO anything and then I’d put them back on to scootch along to my next position.


I finally got the hang of installing the things and then it was all over!

Thank Goodness.  If I never have to climb up that heigh over concrete again it will be too soon!


The unexpected benefit of installing Gutter Guards ourselves:

It ended our debate over which parts of the house will be strung with Christmas lights.

Because Wes is deathly afraid of heights , he could only hold the ladder and offer frequent words of encouragement AND he felt really bad that I ended up with scrapes and cuts all over my elbows, arms and hands, he suggested that I take the $ that we just saved doing it ourselves and go shopping!


Double BooYahhhhh!

I doubt I could actually do that, I’m too thrifty!

But who knows, maybe after I finish this Gigantor closet

27 thoughts on “All in 2 days work!

  1. Okay, you are giving me the willies up there on that ladder! We may have to look into some guard for some of our gutters that get clogged. I was always worried about the rain just going over them. Has it rained since you installed them?

    • Sandra says:

      It rains constantly here! We have to get up on the ladder in the hight part again, sometime, because the rain is flowing of the end for some reason. The drain hole is clogged? It’s been like that for months but we only remember when it is raining and we see the water dumping over onto the driveway. Not too worried about it but need to check it out.

  2. Raina says:

    This post is just on time! We were just getting ready to go check out some gutter guards for our home. Fortunately the back side, which is much much lower, is the only side we need to do. Which brand did you end up using and which ones did you decide against? Would love to be armed with a bit of info before we go! :)

    • We spoke to 2 different installers. One said the cheapest ones are the best because the more expensive ones prevent anything from getting in the gutter so well that even rain water pours over it instead of INTO it in a downpour. The other company recommended the most expensive one on the market which would have cost us $5000. Yeah, definitely not paying $5000 for gutter guards. We went with the cheapest ones from Home Depot. They seemed like they would work the best at trapping out the leaves and small debris alike but allowing the most water in. It cost us $150 and 2 days work. They were easy to install except for in the corners where I had to miter the two ends. That was a bit tricky but still DIYable.

      • Raina says:

        Thanks! That makes sense about the water just pouring off of those heavy duty guards. I would have just assumed that more expensive meant better.

  3. Okay, I’ll admit it. That scares me in a “I”m about to be your helicopter mom” kind of way. However, I’m also super impressed! You go, girl! Just be careful… couldn’t help it, had to say it. :)

  4. Lynne says:

    Great job! My husband is not scared of heights at all, but I am! Once we were roofing his parents house I did great on the lower section but actually froze midway up on the ladder going to the higher section! I could not go up or go down! After probably 20 minutes some how I managed to go down!
    Anyway… You said you tried 3 different guards, which one did you end up using and why did you choose it?

  5. Milk & Cookie Party says:

    Seriously- you are BRAVE! I like to find the person to do it or hold the ladder but not get ON the ladder. I agree we can do anything, but that doesn’t mean I will. Wow!

  6. You are the ultimate DIY’er. Have you ever considered writing a book geared toward women? I’d love to have the aptitude that you do, but I just need to get over my fear and hang up that I’m a girl, thus I can’t do it. :) Great job girl….as usual. ;)

  7. Shirley says:

    Oh my! I seriously feel dizzy every time I look at the picture of you on that extremely long ladder. Your husband is one lucky man!!

  8. Andrea says:

    Yikes!!! I’m with Wes. My knees hurt just looking at those pictures. You definitely deserve a little something for your troubles…

  9. claire says:

    reality check comment was random – I would kill to know what you know, what a skill, talent and gift! Keep it up!

  10. julie says:

    omg, the ladder! you were not kidding!

  11. Beckie says:

    DIY saves $800 on gutter guard installation.
    DIY spends $800+ on bandages and reality check.

  12. Laura :) says:

    Eeek!! I got butterflies just looking at you up there!! Then I really got woozy when I saw the pic of you looking _down_!!!!! You earned that cash, girl!!! :)

  13. Katy says:

    awesome, i could totally fill up that closet but I shop at all the Ross and Marshalls stores, so maybe that will ease your thrifty self. I know it helps me…:)

  14. Girl you are brave. I can barely climb up the first three stairs leading up to our attic! A shopping trip is definitely in order!

  15. Or how about with the money you saved you pay someone to come and hang your lights? You amaze me girl!!! I wish you would do a give away of you for a week. I have so many honey do’s you could help me with!!!!

  16. Jaime says:

    That’s one serious DIYer and of course you’ll need some new threads to fill up that closet but then again everything ends up with paint and sawdust on it anyways, how about wood glue – that stuff doesn’t come out of anything ever! Nice gutter work, I’d hire you in a heartbeat.

  17. Tamara in TX says:

    Gutter Mouths!

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