Reusable Grocery Bags

A few months ago I shared a tutorial for Reversible, Reusable Ruffled Grocery Bags. I think these are a great gift idea so I’m going to show you my latest production, and then point you to that tutorial for today’s Handmade Gift idea post.

Who wouldn’t like to receive a couple cute Reusable Grocery Bags for Christmas?

Maybe someone that absolutely HATES grocery shopping…they might think it’s a gag gift.    But, almost EVERYONE goes grocery shopping so they need bags.  Even if they don’t like the process, they can leave the store looking cute!


  1. New county law for us here, all stores that put your merchandise in a bag has to charge you 5 cents per bag..or you bring your own. This is stupid. You see people walking out with their merchandise in their hands..groceries included. I can just see shoplifting skyrocking. You’d think that a nickel is going to break their budget, so they refuse to pay it and I just wonder how many people didn’t bring their own bags with them, and refused to pay the 5 cents fee per bag, walking out with glass jars of pickles, mayonaise, vinegar, etc. and dropping it out in the parking lot. So what have they really saved? Ridiculous..I doubt if people in our generation will ever miss 5 cents. I saw a man walking out of Target with a belt he had purchased..instead of paying 5 cents.

  2. Those look SO cute. The polka dots just make that bag. I bet someone would just love to get those as a gift.

  3. Yay! I’m loving all these fantastic, giftable projects! Thanks for such a great series, I’ll be linking.

  4. I have actually been thinking about these bags of yours as I have been going through all the many reusable bags I have. Some that I like because of their size are a cheap type of fabric that balls up terribly when washed. I was thinking about your tutorial and making some really cute personalized ones! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Love the yellow polka dot!

  6. Sandra I’m seriously all over this one, using drop cloth for the exterior and you are so cute standing there holding those bags. Thanks for the pattern.