Craft Room with built-ins galore!

The last room on my house tour is the Craft Room!
This space was SO much fun to design and build!  It was MY space.  No one else’s wants, needs, input or concerns to consider.  Just whatever my craft lovin’ heart desired (and I could bring to fruition!)
I planned out the height of each drawer specifically for certain tools and gadgets.
I imagined where I would want to stand to cut fabric and how to get in lots of “stations” in case I wanted to host a craft night!


Where I would sit while scrapbooking?  Facing the TV with Woodsmith Shop playing in the background, of course!  Made sure I had outlets in all the right places for times I’d need a glue or embossing gun?

I had to create a large enough work surface for my “sewing station” to have the sewing machine and the serger both out at the same time and added under cabinet lighting for good measure!


Last but not least, I’d need a great big closet to create even more storage for whatever my little heart might ever decide I just couldn’t live without…and could talk myself into purchasing.
And that is my Craft Room.
I haven’t actually used it so I don’t know if all my planning translated into optimun functionality for my crafting needs, but I’d like to imagine that it did!


That’s it.

That is the end of myhouse tour.
I have loved and hated parts of making this ugly duckling the swan it always wanted to be.  Now I’m done.
Maybe a little too soon.
I didn’t get to finish everything, but the hubby decided that he wanted this job in Tennessee so I’m willing to move on to my next adventure.
Now all I can do is sit back, wait for a decent offer, and maybe — just maybe, get a little use out of some of these undiscovered rooms!
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